Connected vehicle data company Wejo has launched two new solutions, road health and winter road insights powered by NIRA Dynamics. 

NIRA, a subsidiary of CARIAD – an automotive software company within the Volkswagen Group – is a vehicle onboard analytics and road perception company specialising in sensor fusion and road surface monitoring systems.

Road health and winter road insights are billed as transformative solutions that aggregate data insights across roads so that governments can shift from reactive to proactive road safety and make informed, lifesaving decisions. 

“These solutions expand government agencies’ capabilities to analyse comprehensive road-by-road intelligence on how weather conditions are impacting road safety and identify road maintenance priorities using connected vehicle data,” said Richard Barlow, founder and CEO of Wejo

“By pairing historical knowledge of long-term road health with current road condition insights, towns, cities and state transportation departments can deliver faster, smarter, and safer journeys for everyone on the road.”

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Road health collects road information, combining road friction, roughness, potholes and road bumps in real-time to create a detailed view of road surface conditions across towns and cities which should result in improved road safety and decreased maintenance and asset management costs.

Winter road insights enables governments to effectively treat road networks and make decisions during potentially dangerous weather conditions. It compiles road temperature data, slippery alerts to better inform salting, road closures and snow removal plans. 

“With the joint efforts of our companies, we will provide information to improve road safety across the US and in Europe,” said Lisa Åbom, CEO of NIRA Dynamics. 

“Connected car data makes it possible to improve safety by optimising road maintenance and providing visibility of what is happening on our roads throughout the year.”

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