A new platform from smart transport firm Wejo Group is aiming to rapidly accelerate the adoption of autonomous vehicles.

The Nasdaq-listed company, headquartered in Manchester, is a global leader in smart mobility cloud and software analytics for connected, electric and autonomous vehicle data.

It says the Autonomous Vehicle Operating System (AV-OS) will speed up development time for the world’s leading automakers and fleet developers by opening up and democratising access to connected vehicle data.

The AV-OS platform will leverage billions of daily data points from millions of connected vehicles, including AV data.

Turning the raw connected vehicle data into meaningful and actionable insights, Wejo helps developers better understand vehicles, journeys, roads, and locations to create safer and more environmentally-friendly driving experiences.

Wejo was third on our TransportTech 50 ranking.

TransportTech 50 – UK’s most innovative transport technology creators for 2021

“The widespread adoption of autonomous driving is integral to safer roads, lower emissions, and a significant reduction of traffic accidents,” said founder and CEO Richard Barlow.

“Auto accidents and emissions combine for a staggering 9.3 million-plus deaths per year. But without cross-industry collaboration, innovation will be slow. 

“By democratising access to connected vehicle data, our AV-OS platform will remove barriers to widespread AV adoption in ways never before possible, rapidly reducing development time.”

In February, Wejo unveiled a data-driven platform for electric vehicle charging infrastructure networks.

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