Wejo is revolutionising the way we live, work and travel by transforming and interpreting historic and real-time vehicle data. 

The company enables smarter mobility by organising trillions of data points from 11.9 million vehicles and more than 60 billion journeys globally, across multiple brands, makes and models, then standardising and enhancing those streams of data on a vast scale. 

Wejo partners with ethical, like-minded companies and organisations to turn that data into insights that unlock value for consumers. 


The idea for Wejo – which takes its name from the words ‘we’ and ‘journey’ – was sparked by founder Richard Barlow’s passion for Formula 1, where data is routinely collected to improve performance.

He realised if the connected data technology in motor racing could transition into the mainstream automotive sector he would have a business – and so Wejo was launched from its headquarters in the North West of England in 2014.

Wejo now employs more than 250 people and has offices in Manchester in the UK and regions around the world.


A landmark agreement in 2018 with manufacturer General Motors gave Wejo traction in the United States. 

It now works with multiple OEMs and tier one suppliers, and have connected vehicle data live in the United States and Europe.

The platform

The average car now has over 100 sensors, but motor manufacturers don’t have a platform to send the data to – and that’s where Wejo comes in. Subject to drivers’ consent, data from a variety of systems can be used to advance road safety and improve the transportation experience..

In 2021 it unveiled Wejo Studio, a web-based SaaS platform which analyses data from millions of connected vehicles and translates billions of data points in near real-time into game-changing traffic and journey insights for all business users to leverage. 

Organisations – from public sector transportation departments to real estate companies to fleet and logistics companies and beyond – can unlock a deeper understanding of mobility trends, enabling them to make smarter decisions faster, innovate and solve problems more effectively.

Wejo offers standardised traffic and journey visualisations across several themes tailored toward a broad range of different industries and use cases; current and future offerings including the following Insights Products:

  • Intersection Performance: Help traffic planners quickly understand how drivers move through intersections; visualise turning movement counts, turning movement ratios and peak-hours, filtering by time and day.
  • Origin/Destination: Determine travel patterns of drivers by visualising journeys from start to finish across cities, counties and states; filter by zip code and vehicle type to understand journey trends by time and location.
  • Points of Interest: Using specific points of interest, whether stores, offices, stations or charge points to help retailers, property managers and service providers understand where drivers’ travel from, how long they stay at the POI and where they go when they leave.
  • Waypoints: Select roads, public infrastructure, billboards or other waypoints that vehicles may pass by to make better decisions on road management, traffic planning or marketing communications by identifying the type of vehicles and the approximate start and end of their journeys.
  • Historical Traffic Patterns: Identify congestion bottlenecks, see how vehicle density varies through time, understand average driving speed and travel times and get a good understanding of mobility pain points across the road network.

Intersection Performance and Origin-Destination are the first two Wejo Studio Insights Products available to customers. Additional Wejo Studio Insights Products will be enriched over the coming months.

For more information, visit: www.wejo.com.