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In an increasingly competitive recruitment market, talent acquisition is now essential to the success of startup and scaleup companies.

So how can you ensure that you stay ahead in the race?

Anton Boner, co-founder and commercial director at Screenloop, believes his platform is the answer.

Described as ‘the ultimate talent operations platform’, it combines an applicant tracking system with AI-powered solutions and automation, including self-scheduling, an AI notetaker, background checks, analytics and more.

“We see ourselves as the ‘pit crew’ for TA teams; always ready to jump in, fine-tune and help you race ahead,” he tells BusinessCloud.

Screenloop was conceived out of a clear and pressing need to fill significant gaps within the TA leaders’ tech stacks. Traditional applicant tracking systems were falling short, says Boner, as they were lacking in essential functionalities like AI notetakers and advanced candidate net promoter score tools. 

Screenloop – AI-Driven Talent Operations Platform & ATS

“My co-founders and I, bringing together diverse expertise from AI at Revolut, engineering at Clearscore and product at Talkdesk, decided to do something about it,” he continues. 

“Our inspiration partly came from seeing the impact of solutions like Gong in sales and questioning why no equivalent existed for TA. We then set on building this solution and started to assemble our team. 

“Fast forward to now, we have also built and now offer an all-in-one ATS platform that includes not just candidate NPS & AI notetaker, but also an AI co-pilot for the entire ATS platform.

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Founded in 2021, Screenloop raised £5.7 million seed investment in 2022 – its second round of funding – and now employs 25 people spread across five countries – the UK, Portugal, Brazil, Ukraine and India. Its clients span Europe, APAC, South Africa and South America.

So how does the platform enhance the experience for candidates, interviewers and businesses?

It’s designed to enhance the recruitment journey from start to finish, ensuring a seamless, engaging and equitable experience for both candidates and interviewers,” answers Boner. “The integration of our modules directly addresses and mitigates common recruitment challenges.

“The AI notetaker tool empowers interviewers to fully engage with candidates without the distraction of note-taking. The AI summaries are then automatically pushed into the scorecard saving the interviewer hours providing feedback. This reduces the time to hire and therefore increases productivity by getting the right people in faster.

“Interview training not only helps the interviewer gain confidence, but also allows the candidate to enjoy a much better interview without the fear of bias. This means that businesses can get the best candidates over the line and create an inclusive workplace. 

“The candidate and hiring manager NPS is an advanced way of collecting feedback efficiently, whilst at the same time strengthening the employer brand by positively influencing public perceptions on platforms like Glassdoor. 

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“References and background checks create a smooth, fast and frictionless process to gain the most value for teeing up your new hires for success and ensuring your business stays compliant.

“Quality of hire is a metric that is sometimes difficult to calculate. Screenloop automates this process for you and shares findings with the wider team. More times than not TA gets the blame for a failed hire but more often than not it can come down to the quality of onboarding and support for example. We give you all of the data you need to understand where you are succeeding or failing in terms of QoH and give you actionable outcomes.

“The ATS goes beyond basic tracking by encompassing all of the modules above, plus advanced features from self-scheduling capabilities, email integrations, customisable careers pages and much more.”

Embracing AI & ChatGPT in recruitment

Asked for a case study, Boner says Screenloop helped IndeedFlex to not only streamline the hiring process – reducing its interview stages by 50% – but also significantly reduce costs.

On average, he claims, organisations report a 40% reduction in time-to-hire and a 35% improvement in candidate satisfaction scores.

The key to our success lies in the flexibility and scalability of our solutions. Our point solutions sit on top of the client’s current ATS so the sales cycle is short as we don’t need to wait around for a current contract to end,” explains Boner. 

“As for our ATS, we offer to buy you out of your current contract so we can be pretty flexible to our clients’ needs.

“For larger organisations, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools that can seamlessly integrate with existing systems, providing immediate enhancements.  Startups, on the other hand, benefit from our agile and adaptable solutions that grow with their evolving needs.”

In the coming 12 months, Boner says the aim is to “bring a level of actionable data that has never been seen before to talent teams all around the globe through our AI-powered talent ops platform”.

“At a product level, our ambition is to not just continue building technology that solves talent and people teams’ problems, but to make talent and people leaders a secret weapon of any business,” he adds.

“Our product development will continue to focus on solving the real-world problems of talent and people teams, driving efficiency, inclusivity and intelligence in hiring processes worldwide.”

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