Mizaic is already a key player in the UK’s electronic medical documents – but has ambitious plans for further growth.

The Chelmsford-headquartered company, which featured on our HealthTech 50 ranking, says its MediViewer platform is home to more than 1 billion scanned images, and counting.

The electronic document management system of choice for more than 80,000 healthcare professionals and 16 million patients throughout the UK, it is currently helping digitise the medical records of 10% of acute hospitals here.

However there is much more to come, according to CEO Jon Pickering. “Over the next three financial years, we aim to double the size of the business, measured in terms of both customer base and annual recurring revenue, a key financial metric for us,” he tells BusinessCloud. 

“Coupled with the long-term contracts we currently have in place, this would put us in a very good position to consider what comes next.”

Mizaic – the home of MediViewer

Pickering describes the business plan as “progressive and realistic”, adding: “These are big projects for [NHS] Trusts to not only procure, but also deliver. 

“Looking ahead, we’ve set ambitious yet attainable targets, with new products and capabilities to help us.

“With the recent government announcement of new funding streams dedicated to facilitating the end-to-end digitisation of patient records, EDMS solutions like ours are fundamental. Let’s hope the future is even brighter for our business and the NHS.”

Pickering has spent the last 20 years working within the NHS, with 11 successful years as co-founder and CEO of Block Solutions before exiting in 2017, growing that business to £20m turnover. The digital transformation consultancy was focused predominantly on the healthcare market and worked with many of the major hospitals in the UK.

He then spent two years as CEO at workplace data analytics firm Tiger – taking in the COVID lockdowns and completing a major pivot of the business – before he was named CEO of Mizaic in September 2022..

In April 2023, Mizaic’s senior leadership team rebranded the business – formerly known as IMMJ Systems – and revealed a further £1.8 million investment from Foresight.

‘Digital transformation of NHS is in my DNA’

Pickering says MediViewer is designed to revolutionise the clinician-patient experience at the point of care, leveraging patient medical history and utilising both structured and unstructured patient data for deeper insights and more informed decision-making.

“MediViewer goes beyond traditional electronic patient records by offering unique capabilities that enhance the clinician’s ability to understand patient history and context,” he explains. 

“We’re at the forefront of helping hospitals digitise the vast libraries of paper medical records, ensuring that clinicians have access to a complete digital picture of the patient in front of them, and as a result, unlock vital clinical insights that can lead to more effective treatments and outcomes.”

He says the company is continuously looking for ways in which it can improve its offerings. “Technologies like AI and automation are certainly on our radar. They offer us some really exciting possibilities, so watch this space in 2024,” he says.

“Importantly, we are collaborating closely with our clinical advisory group to ensure that any AI-driven initiatives are aligned with the needs and priorities of healthcare professionals.”

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