MedTech 50

It’s time to help decide BusinessCloud’s inaugural MedTech 50 ranking.

The new annual ranking celebrates the UK’s most innovative startups, scaleups and established firms helping to diagnose and treat existing conditions – mostly in a hospital or clinical setting – and other biotechnology companies.

It is running alongside the inaugural HealthTech 50, which is focused on businesses creating technology for personal and preventative healthcare, as well as GP practice management and messaging platforms. You can access the HealthTech 50 voting page here.

We have shortlisted around 110 firms for potential inclusion. The final MedTech 50 ranking will be determined by a combination of reader votes and selections from an expert judging panel (available here).

You can cast your vote until 23:59 on Sunday June 27th. Browse the shortlist below and vote for the company you believe to be the most innovative.

The final MedTech 50 ranking will be published online on Monday 19th July. Subscribe to our daily email tech innovation newsletter via the dropdown below when you vote to be among the first to see the results.

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MedTech 50 shortlist

3D LifePrints LiverpoolNorth WestMakes silicon body parts for the medical profession
Achilles TherapeuticsStevenageEast of EnglandDevelops personalised cancer immunotherapies
AcurableHackneyLondonWearable medical devices to monitor ongoing conditions
Adaptix ImagingOxfordSouth East3D X-ray imaging technology
AdapttechBirminghamMidlandsProsthetics technology including 3D scanning, wearable device and app
Allergy TherapeuticsWorthing South EastImmunology business targeting allergies
AmprologixPlymouthSouth WestDeveloping novel antibiotics derived from naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides
AndiamoHackneyLondon3D-printed devices and AI to support children with cerebral palsy
AntiverseCardiffWalesUsing AI for faster antibody drug discovery
Aptamer GroupYorkYorks & HumberAptamers are a scalable and faster alternative to antibodies
Arete Medical TechnologiesCambridge East of EnglandHardware and software for management of chronic diseases
ArthronicaKensington and ChelseaLondonAI for patient monitoring and rehabilitation
Artios PharmaCambridge East of EnglandCancer-fighting DNA tech
Autolus TherapeuticsHammersmith and FulhamLondonT cell programming tech for treatment of cancer
axial3DBelfastNorthern IrelandGives clinicians access to patient-specific 3D-printed models
Babylon HealthKensington and ChelseaLondonAI-powered platform allowing doctors to diagnose and prescribe medication remotely
Benevolent AICamdenLondonSpeeds up medical discovery by analysing large scientific research data sets
Bicycle TherapeuticsCambridge East of EnglandClinical-stage cancer-fighting biotech
BiofidelityCambridge East of EnglandIdentifying low-frequency genetic mutations
BIOSCambridgeEast of EnglandCreating open standard hardware and software interface between human nervous system and AI
Blackford AnalysisEdinburghScotlandRadiology AI imaging platform
Bold HealthCamdenLondonCreates digital therapeutic tools for digestive health
CalcivisEdinburghScotlandPreventive dentistry solution
Cambridge Cancer GenomicsCambridgeEast of EnglandPrecision oncology solutions to transform cancer treatment
CausalyIslingtonLondonPlatform for navigating biomedical research
Charco NeurotechCambridgeEast of EnglandNon-invasive vibrating device CUE1 to help manage Parkinson’s symptoms
Closed Loop Medicine Cambridge East of EnglandDrug treatment analytics
CMR Surgical Cambridge East of EnglandMedical robotics firm
Concentric HealthCardiffWalesDigital platform helping patients make shared decisions with surgeons
CongenicaCambridgeEast of EnglandSoftware for analysis of genomic data
Creo MedicalChepstowWalesListed leader in non-invasive surgery medical devices
DJS AntibodiesUpper HeyfordSouth EastDiscovering novel antibody therapeutics
DxcoverGlasgowScotlandFormerly ClinSpec Dx, AI blood analysis for detection of diseases including cancer
e-TherapeuticsOxfordSouth EastNetwork-driven drug discovery platform
Eagle GenomicsCambridgeEast of EnglandEnterprise platform solutions for microbiomics and genomics
EIDOKeyworthMidlandsResources around informed consent for health professionals
Electrospinning CompanyDidcotSouth EastBiomaterials to be implanted into human body
Emergex VaccinesAbingdonSouth EastHelps prevent diseases such as Zika, Dengue Fever, Ebola and pandemic flu
endoscope-iBirminghamMidlandsSmartphone attachment to take pictures of inner ear
EvonetixCambridgeEast of EnglandSynthetic biology 'to put DNA on a chip'
Evox TherapeuticsOxfordSouth EastExosome-based therapeutics for treatment of rare and severe diseases
ExscientiaOxfordSouth EastUses AI to discover new drugs
FundamentalVRCamdenLondonVR surgical simulation system with haptic feedback
GendiusAlderley EdgeNorth WestUses AI to calculate risks relating to diabetes
GenomicsOxfordSouth EastGenomic database engine to find new drug targets for serious diseases
GripAble MertonLondonRehabilitation device for hands and arms
HealiosIslingtonLondonMental health and neurodevelopmental services
HealxCambridgeEast of EnglandAI tech accelerating treatments for rare diseases
Horizon DiscoveryWaterbeachEast of EnglandGene editing specialist
HumaWestminsterLondonApps to connect patients and medics while using AI to predict conditions
Hy-genieLiverpoolNorth WestSensor tech to ensure hand hygiene compliance among hospital staff
Ieso Digital HealthCambridgeEast of EnglandOnline cognitive behavioral therapy
InotecCambridgeEast of EnglandBehind Natrox device which heals wounds with humidified oxygen
Intelligent UltrasoundCardiffWalesScanNav product uses AI in real-time review of pregnancy scans
InviziusEdinburghScotlandAddresses the side effects of dialysis
Isansys LifecareAbingdonSouth EastSensor and analytics tech to detect deterioration in patients
JellagenCardiffWalesManufactures collagen for regenerative medicine derived from jellyfish
Kheiron Medical TechnologiesIslingtonLondonAI breast screening software for earlier detection of cancer
KymabCambridgeEast of EnglandAntibody discovery technologies
Mable TherapyLeedsYorks & HumberOnline speech therapy platform
MedicAir LyneSouth EastMedical-grade air purifier used in NHS facilities
Medical RealitiesCamdenLondonImmersive platform for the healthcare industry
MendelianHackneyLondonDiagnoses rare diseases using machine learning
Metix GlasgowScotlandClinical remote monitoring of patients
MicrimaBristolSouth WestRadiowave tech for imaging breast cancer
MIME TechnologiesInvernessScotlandSolutions for in-flight and offshore medical emergencies
MogrifyCambridgeEast of EnglandTransforming development of cell therapies
MuhdoIpswichEast of EnglandPersonalised DNA reports
NeurovalensBelfastNorthern IrelandUses neuroscience to solve everyday health issues
NovaBioticsAberdeenScotlandAntimicrobial drug development for difficult-to-treat diseases
NovosoundNewhouseScotlandUltrasound sensor pioneer
Oncimmune HoldingsNottinghamMidlandsTech for early detection of cancer
Open BionicsBristolSouth WestRobotics company behind 3D-printed bionic arms
OptellumOxfordSouth EastAI software helping clinicians diagnose lung cancer
OptosDunfermlineScotlandRetinal imaging firm
OrganOxOxfordSouth EastAlternative to ice during transportation of liver transplants
Ostara BiomedicalLiverpoolNorth WestFertility devices serving as alternative to IVF
OverwatchBelfastNorthern IrelandAutomated workflows for laboratories
OxehealthOxfordSouth EastVision-based patient monitoring and management systems
Oxford BiomedicaOxfordSouth EastGene therapies for patients
Oxford EndovascularOxfordSouth EastMicro stents to prevent brain haemorrhage
Oxford GeneticsOxfordSouth EastAccelerates discovery and development of cell and gene therapies
Oxford HeartbeatLambethLondonTurns 2D scans into 3D models to enable surgeons to virtually test procedures
Oxford Nanopore TechnologiesOxfordSouth EastUnicorn behind real-time DNA/RNA sequencer
Oxford VROxfordSouth EastAutomated virtual reality therapy solutions
PanakeiaWestminsterLondonUniversal engine for precision cancer diagnosis
PatchworkHammersmith and FulhamLondonHelps hospitals cut agency spending by filling vacant shifts with existing staff
Perfect WardWestminsterLondonSmart document analyser for healthcare inspections
Perspectum DiagnosticsOxfordSouth EastNon-invasive scans of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas
PhoreMostCambridgeEast of EnglandDrugging 'undruggable' disease targets
PolyPhotonixSedgefieldNorth EastDevelops light treatment for retinal diseases
QuantuMDxNewcastleNorth EastPortable DNA analyser
RaremarkHackneyLondonBuilds communities of people affected by a rare condition
Re-Vana TherapeuticsBelfastNorthern IrelandOcular therapeutics
RefeynOxfordSouth EastMolecular mass measurement
Rescape InnovationCardiffWalesVR to support patient recovery and rehabilitation
Sano GeneticsCambridgeEast of EnglandDNA testing for health and genetics research
Sensyne HealthOxfordSouth EastAccelerating discovery and development of new medicines
SleepCogniSheffieldYorks & HumberDevice combining CBT with analytics for remote diagnosis of sleep disorders
Sky Medical TechnologyDaresburyNorth WestBehind OnPulse platform and geko wearable to stimulate improved blood flow for wound healing
Steeper GroupLeedsYorks & HumberCombines artificial limbs with a tech platform
SurePulseNottinghamMidlandsMeasures heart rate of newborn babies
Sutrue LimitedColchesterEast of EnglandAutomatic stitching device for safer, better medical and veterinary stitching
TrakCelCardiffWalesSupply chain software for advanced therapy
UltromicsOxfordSouth EastAI supporting clinicians in the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease
uMotifSouthwarkLondonCollects data generated in clinical trials
uMedCamdenLondonEnables healthcare providers to deliver cutting edge research to their patients
VinehealthIslingtonLondonCancer management app collecting data for new treatments
XploroManchesterNorth WestAR app helping children on their cancer treatment journey