VIOOH, a supply-side platform for digital out-of-home advertising, has secured a second programmatic media owner partnership in mainland China. 

The London firm, second on our MarTech 50 ranking this year, has launched real-time trading across local programmatic DOOH (prDOOH) inventory in partnership with Beijing Top Result Metro Advertising Co., Ltd. 

VIOOH now offers prDOOH across the metro audiences of China’s top two metro systems, Shanghai Metro and Beijing Metro.

Beijing Top Result Metro manages media resources for the nine metro lines in Beijing across a total of 249 stations, with 8.15 million daily passenger flows. Powered by VIOOH Trading Manager, DOOH inventory can now be traded in real-time across 267 digital screens and over 76 metro stations, inventory and services include advertising panels on the station concourse and trackside. 

Automating the purchase of digital media based on impressions via programmatic buying and managing it in real-time offers brands high levels of flexibility and efficiency control for advertisers. 

prDOOH also allows advertisers access to new metrics, the use of audience and targeting data and easy integration with other media channels at the point of purchase. 


“This is another great addition to our market offering real-time trading across local programmatic DOOH, now available in China’s two biggest metro systems, the Shanghai Metro and Beijing Metro,” said Calvin Chan, CEO at VIOOH China. 

“We’re always looking for new ways to unlock commercial opportunities for advertisers and the Beijing Metro offers precise programmatic targeting, across an advanced technology ecosystem, to core audiences. 

“We hope advertisers and media owners, both within China as well as overseas advertisers looking to better target audiences in Beijing, will maximise this new opportunity to thrive in China.”

Theresa Wong, general manager at Beijing Top Result Metro Advertising, said: “We are pleased to have VIOOH, a true and sophisticated digital intelligent programmatic SSP to help us get linked to worldwide clients which gears up our sales channel forces. 

“Fully backed with data-driven passenger profile and flexible broadcasting system that enhances our prDOOH power to a new cutting-edge advertising era in the capital of China. There’s never been a better way for brands to connect with consumers while they’re on the move.”

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