A London startup which helps brands to advertise inside videogames has raised £18 million.

Admix’s Series B round is intended to scale its in-play solution worldwide and establish it as ‘the content monetisation layer for the metaverse’.

Founded in 2018, Admix pioneered in-play advertising, which integrates non-intrusive product placements inside games. Its rendering technology can digitally inject complex 2D or 3D constructs into any 3D environment, with zero impact on virtual world engine performance.

More than 300 global games and thousands of advertisers currently use Admix’s end-to-end platform which utilises drag-and-drop SDKs for game publishers to integrate into their games, a platform for advertisers to access the gaming world, independently verified measurement and data reporting. 

Admix has doubled in size to more than 80 staff this year. It has recently signed deals for in-play campaigns with Calvin Klein, Schuh, Movember and Sky. The company has recently made key hires in the Americas and APAC where its presence will now be expanded further.

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Participating in the round are VCs Elefund, Force Over Mass, DIP Capital, Notion Capital, Speedinvest, Rocket Capital, Colopl Next, Sure Valley Ventures and Sidedoor Ventures as well as growth investor Kuvi Capital and angels from the gaming industry.

The first phase of Admix’s development is on track to deliver 1,000% year-on-year revenue growth, with the fresh capital set to power a set of monetisation tools which it says will form the bedrock of new standards for what it terms the ‘creator economy’.

“We’re delighted to have secured this substantial funding round which signifies the start of Admix Phase 2,” said Samuel Huber, CEO and co-founder. 

“This funding round validates the incredible hard work which the entire team has worked so tirelessly to reach. We see the internet entering a new stage: Web 3.0 or the metaverse, characterised by real-time 3D interactions and a new creator economy, spearheaded by the videogames industry. 

“We are establishing in-play as the monetisation layer for gaming and the metaverse. While many players in our industry are essentially agencies, Admix is building critical infrastructure for creators to monetise their content in the best way possible.”

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Admix COO and co-founder Joe Bachle-Morris added: “This Series B round – the most significant in our industry by far – comes at a time when household name brands and some of the highest-grossing games ever are joining either end of the Admix ecosystem. 

“We’ve built an unbeatable tech stack, proved our model commercially and recently put boots on the ground in North America, LATAM and APAC, where our presence will now be ramped up. 

“Admix is at the forefront of gaming as a media channel and we’re excited to be able to put even greater firepower behind creating the infrastructure that will enable our creators and clients to maximise the opportunity.”