Triangle Tube, an innovator in the manufacturing and supply of quality stainless steel hot water heating equipment, has partnered with Partful to significantly enhance customer experience and streamline the aftersales process.

The partnership with Partful – a leader in 3D exploded parts catalogues which led our FactoryTech 50 ranking this year – is set to reshape the way Triangle Tube addresses several critical challenges that have historically impacted its aftersales service.

Utilising Partful, Triangle Tube aims to bridge information gaps about products, drastically reduce the occurrence of incorrect part orders, and significantly improve the efficiency of customer support.

Partful – Explode. Click. Buy. Fix. In seconds.

The criticality of Triangle Tube’s heating solutions makes this an essential step in achieving exceptional customer satisfaction, by making it easier for customers to identify and order the correct parts – optimising the efficiency and accuracy of the entire aftersales process.

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“Our tech guys get off the phone that much faster – and we have happier customers,” said Jacob Lanuza, project engineer.

Sam Ahlzadeh, marketing coordinator, added: “[Partful] will help build continued trust and maintain that stronger relationship.”

Partful says its commitment to innovation and customer experience resonates with Triangle Tube’s own values, making this collaboration not just a strategic business decision, but a great match of service goals.

“I think this platform is going to be cutting edge. I have a feeling people are going to pick up, copy and implement this as well,” shared Maureen Campbell, general manager and director of finance. 

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