Partful helps manufacturers to transform their after sales customer experiences, using interactive digital twin technology.

An immersive parts catalogue and repair solution, it provides a user-friendly platform that streamlines the end-to-end repair process. Customers can identify the components they need quickly and accurately using 3D explosion views, instantly order spare parts directly from the manufacturer and then see the work instructions they need to fit them. 

Adopted by global businesses, such as Lotus, BAE Systems, and Norton Motorcycles, Partful inspires brand loyalty through awe-inspiring user experiences and enabling customers to: 

Explode. Click. Buy. Fix. In seconds.

Eradicating incorrect parts identification and manual processes

With Partful, customers get access to an innovative platform that allows them to view a product’s virtual twin. Users can pull a digital replica apart to inspect its individual components and see all the relevant information they need to place an accurate order. When integrated with an e-commerce system, they can then purchase that part there and then.

This is helping manufacturers to eradicate ordering mistakes by preventing the misidentification of product parts. This is a major problem that adds huge costs to aftermarket customer care and causes delays to services and repairs – increasing product downtime. 


Boosting part sales revenue and delivering a superior customer experience

Partful is also helping manufacturers remove several steps from the purchasing process. Customers no longer need to leaf through large product catalogues or speak to sales advisers before placing an order. Partful gives customers the confidence to buy straight away. 

As customers can also buy directly, rather than go to third party marketplaces, Partful is helping manufacturers to increase their aftermarket revenues by up to 50%. By simplifying the ordering process, manufacturers also free up aftermarket service teams to spend more time building relationships with customers and resolving more complex problems. 

Delivering insight

By capturing crucial information around recurring product faults, Partful also delivers business insights that are helping manufacturers to improve product design and customer service. This data highlights the parts that are compromising reliability and provides product managers with the information they need to improve future models. 

Greater awareness of problematic parts also informs the customer service team about the queries customers are likely to raise. This is helping them to offer the best advice and ensure there is a ready supply of replacement components available. 

Increasing training effectiveness 

Partful’s work instructions module also provides a step-by-step guide for product repairers, as well as on-the-job training to maintenance engineers. It allows users to view 3D models and animations that offer step-by-step instructions with visual cues. By replacing paper-based manuals with a digital alternative, engineers always see the latest information. 

Easily accessible anywhere, in up to 71 different languages, the work instructions module provides training that enables “learning in the flow of work.” Rather than sending engineers on expensive off-site training days, this is providing an on-the-job solution which has been proven to provide a more effective learning experience. 

Co-founder and CEO, Sam Burgess:

“Having spent years as a team leader in the Royal Engineers — and later advising global OEMs as an engineering consultant supporting product lifecycle strategies — I could see how emerging technologies had the potential to solve many of the challenges manufacturers faced in the aftermarket.

“The solution we’ve developed is now transforming how manufacturers provide after sales support to customers – and it’s redefining a market worth $400B.  

“Partful is helping manufacturers to create user-friendly experiences that will enable brands to build long-term relationships with their customers – which will ultimately inspire loyalty and increase sales.”

To learn how Partful’s interactive 3D aftermarket solution can inspire customer loyalty, reduce ordering errors and boost parts sales, get in touch here.