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Manchester-based tech-for-good firm Culture Shift has  hit £1m Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for the first time.

Launched in 2018, the startup’s online reporting platform enables organisations to take a proactive approach to protect employees, and is used by more than 90 organisations.

Last year Culture Shift secured £1.5m investment in a funding round led by Praetura Ventures and Blackfinch Ventures.

Impact tech firm Culture Shift raises £1.5m

Culture Shift’s CEO Gemma McCall said: “I’m incredibly proud to say we’ve hit the £1m ARR mark.

“This is a monumental milestone, which many small businesses never reach, and one which will be the catalyst for future growth.

“I can’t wait to hire more ‘Culture Shifters’ to join our rapidly growing team and build on what has so far been a very exciting and successful journey.”

McCall spoke at our recent event on the challenges of recruitment.

Speaking of hitting the £1m revenue milestone she said: “Leading a scaling business is challenging, and leading one which has the lofty ambition of tackling global culture change sometimes feels insurmountable.

Revenues more than double at Culture Shift

“Yet, in the face of this our team have achieved incredible things together. The thing that I’m proudest of is what the £1m signifies.

“It means we’re now working with over 90+ organisations, and that means we’re giving a voice to over 1.7 million people worldwide, so they can get support in their toughest moments. That is our biggest achievement.”

The company’s software provides individuals a safe environment to report an event and then offers direction to appropriate emotional or practical support.

The system also provides the organisation with data to manage and address any particular issues or a growing pattern of misconduct that may have been occurring, as well as a case management tool to effectively manage communication with the involved parties.

In 2020 Culture Shift secured a £1.35m investment from Praetura Ventures and GC Angels.