Ramp, a forecasting analytics startup, has closed a £4m ($5m) seed round led by AlbionVC and Eurazeo.

Triple Point Ventures participated in the round, alongside high-profile angel investors including Barnaby Hussey-Yeo CEO, at Cleo, and Stephane Kurgan, former COO at

Ramp was created after co-founder Angus Lovitt (ex-VP King Digital entertainment) realised the majority of quarterly missed targets were not due to company performance but the quality of the forecast itself.

The root cause of such poor revenue forecasting is that in 99 per cent of businesses, the financial modelling still takes place on spreadsheets which are no longer fit for purpose.

With Ramp, finance teams take the guesswork out of forecasting. They run scenarios and forecast in minutes – versus weeks or months – and predict customer behaviour, future revenue and the annual growth of a firm at the press of a button.

With Ramp,  companies can directly compare the forecast with reality and see just how accurate it is. The forecast is then positioned alongside data-driven, intelligent insights backed by the Ramp team’s legacy in the business.

During his time at King Digital Entertainment, Lovitt played a vital role in scaling the world-renowned Candy Crush game and building a network of over 350m monthly users

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Fellow founder Daniel Marcus previously built Magnetic Software with Ramp’s other co-founder and COO Jan Pickard. That business was subsequently acquired by Silversoft in 2018.

Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder Angus Lovitt said: “Our platform dramatically increases the accuracy of revenue forecasting in a fraction of time it would take in spreadsheets.

“What took us all a day in terms of number crunching we can now do in minutes. Yet what really excites me about the platform are the strategic decisions we empower businesses to make.

“Our platform has given some businesses the confidence to invest in growth through marketing, while others the evidence to cutting costs or shuddering services. The insight we deliver can be game-changing.”

Since its inception in 2018, Ramp has acquired a reputable portfolio of gaming clients. It recently welcomed Space Ape Games, the award-winning gaming company revolutionising mobile entertainment; FRVR; Pixel United and Netspeak Games. The company will use the funds to support streamlining the onboarding to allow for scale.

Dan Marcus, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Ramp said: “Our long-term goal is to position Ramp as a single source of truth for the future of businesses, from which prescriptive and proactive analytics services can stem.

“We’re at the forefront of this new product category and it’s great to have such renowned investors believe in this vision and join us on this journey.”

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Paul Lehair, investment director at AlbionVC, said: “We are very excited to support Ramp in this next phase of growth by co-leading their seed round

“As an ex-CFO of a B2C startup, I was blown away by Ramp’s unique approach to solving the business-critical problem that is forecasting. We are thrilled to back the team and their ambition to create a new category leader in this space.”

Tara Reeves, managing director of Venture at Eurazeo, said: “As a former product manager, I was impressed by Ramp’s innovative solution for forecasting, which is a crucial aspect for any business.

“I believe its product will be of great value for teams in product, finance, and marketing, and we are excited to support the team in its mission to become a leader in this field.”

Space Ape Games CFO Hong Nguyen said: “We immediately saw the benefit of receiving sophisticated forecasts in minutes so we are deploying Ramp on new and existing titles.”

Chris Benjaminsen, co-founder and director of Channels at FRVR added: “Insights from Ramp gave us the confidence to significantly scale our UA budgets.”