Cloud is set to launch its Internet of Things platform Mindsett PRISM globally.

The facilities management firm, second on our PropTech 50 ranking this year, has developed Mindsett PRISM to monitor building assets. It delivers data to a cloud-based dashboard and app, and encourages users to make practical environmental changes.

Cloud is undertaking the international launch of its IoT technology in Lisbon, Portugal. It will address a global audience of business leaders at the Vistage EMEA summit on 23rd November.  


Cloud has teamed up with The Reef Company,  which is showcasing its coral reef-building technology, to provide businesses with innovative ways to meet their environmental goals.

“The Vistage Summit provides a global platform for the international launch of our innovative technology,” said Jeff Dewing, Cloud CEO. 

“Delegates will be able to see the PRISM box in action and experience how the data it generates shows the performance of assets in real time and builds a longer-term profile of the asset to inform procurement decisions and achieve predictive maintenance.

“Our goal is to accelerate positive change and support companies on their journey to Net Zero. The technology helps businesses be first to the future by addressing the obstacles associated with reducing carbon emissions. 

“The Mindsett PRISM solution is already producing results for clients across various industries, following years of research and development.”

PropTech 50 – Most innovative UK property tech creators for 2023

Property managers can effectively target energy and resource usage by combining IoT, AI, and machine learning, reducing costs and waste and building an asset data index to enable predictive maintenance. Data shows that users achieve 23% energy savings in large multi-site operations.

Mindsett PRISM can be integrated with existing systems and workflows, making it easy for organisations to adopt without disrupting their operations. The system is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive dashboards and apps and interactive reports that provide actionable intelligence.