Cloudfm Group – now trading as Cloud – was formed in 2011 with the sole purpose of Restoring Trust in a failing industry by changing the rules.

During this time, Cloud has established its reputation as leading in technology within the built environment.  Originally, through its proprietary work-flow platform, Freedom, designed to work seamlessly in line with each client’s business.  Freedom matches tasks with supply chain partners and delivers transparency and control for both supply chain task management and associated costs.  

In 2019 Cloudfm Group were awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category, in recognition of their outstanding technological contribution to the facilities management industry.

Mindsett benefits

Since 2019, Cloudfm Group have continued to invest heavily in research and development of technology products, through their subsidiary, Mindsett. Collaborating with PhDs from the University of Essex and behavioural scientists, the team are continuing to push the boundaries on PropTech and unique IoT enabled predictive maintenance capabilities.

Cloud are extending their services to a global audience, through deploying its Mindsett platform – a proprietary compliance, energy management and predictive maintenance solution for clients that want to manage their assets to optimum performance.  This approach can be introduced in collaboration with, or instead of, a BMS or Smart Building Installation.

Cloud offer a number of modules under the Mindsett Platform, including cold chain solutions and environmental solutions, as well as asset management, procurement, and predictive maintenance modules.

The technology behind the modules is the Mindsett PRISM® monitor, which is an industry leading, patented (in the UK),. asset monitoring solution. The Mindsett PRISM® device (pictured) plugs straight into a distribution board and can monitor multiple circuits. The Mindsett PRISM® monitors and reports on Apparent Power, Real Power, Power Factor, Voltage, Frequency and multiple harmonic dimensions, to provide the actual energy consumption per asset and the asset’s performance in real- time. Working with integrated software, an asset “fingerprint” measures infinite engineering parameters with infinite sensors that will never go out of calibration. Cloud’s data scientists and analysts, track and interpret deviations in these unique fingerprints to create predictive maintenance which evolves exponentially via AI and Machine Learning. 

There is no longer a need to rely on building smart meters, expanded BMS and, or additional sensors on assets for energy management and , or, predictive maintenance on electrical powered assets.  Where other media than electricity is a main driver or focus of attention (e.g. gas, oil, water), Mindsett PRISM® is supplemented with traditional controls and sensors.

Cloud innovations recognised by the University of Essex in 2023

Research by Dr Faiyaz Doctor and Dr Hossein Anisi in collaboration with Cloudfm Group Limited and Cody Yang, was awarded ‘Best Research Impact in Enterprise and Innovation’ for their work in realising predictive maintenance technology, to reduce equipment downtime and improve FM analysis and asset monitoring.

Recognised by Gartner®

Cloud was recognised as a Sample Vendor in the Asset Optimization category in 2022 Gartner® report titled, “Emerging Technologies and Trends Impact Radar: Environmental Sustainability”

Other reports from Gartner® in which Cloud have been referenced are ‘Market Guide: for Energy Management and Optimization Systems’ and ‘Market Guide: for Commercial and Industrial Energy Management and Optimization Systems’.

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Cloudfm founder and CEO Jeff Dewing is not only a disruptive voice and technological visionary within the facilities management sector; he is also passionate about doing the right thing, supporting entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds. Jeff’s own success has built a strong desire to help others to find fulfilment.

In his podcast series, ‘Doing the Opposite: Business Disruptors’, he interviews guests from across the business spectrum and leaders with great stories to tell, about how they had to approach life and business differently in order to stand out and to succeed.

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