New technology from PropTech 50 firm Cloudfm claims to make energy savings of 23% across the hospitality and leisure sectors.

The Cloudfm team developed an end-to-end IoT technology solution, Mindsett PRISM, supported by behavioural change tools to encourage people to take practical measures to impact the environment positively.

The Mindsett PRISM box monitors assets within a building and delivers data to a cloud-based dashboard and app that users can use to inform simple changes.

The technology turns data into action at the site and asset level, helping property managers target energy and resources with the most impact. The solution combines IoT, AI and machine learning to reduce costs and eliminate waste.


Rank Group and Azzurri Group are rolling out Mindsett PRISM to help them meet carbon reduction goals. Early data from Azzurri’s estate shows an energy saving of 23% in the first few weeks, the company said.

“The platform uses proprietary technology to give an accurate picture of energy consumption within a building,” said David Attoe, IoT development director at Cloudfm. “The development of our cloud-based dashboard makes it easy for users to understand and act on the data. 

“The impact of the technology is immediate and significant. We’ve had a huge amount of interest from around the world as companies seek to act quickly in managing energy consumption and reducing carbon emissions.”

Mindsett PRISM can be integrated with existing systems and workflows. The firm says the system is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive dashboards and apps, along with interactive reports that provide actionable intelligence.

Steve Owens, central operations manager at Azzurri Group, said: “The Mindsett platform is having a notable impact on our carbon footprint. Our teams have found it easy to use, and they are able to act on the data by making simple changes, such as turning off heaters overnight. 

“It has also been an invaluable tool in estate-wide communications as it allows us to put accurate usage data against individual appliances.”

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The Mindsett app gives users visibility and control, providing a top-level overview of energy consumption, carbon emissions and cost, allowing users to monitor their energy budgets effectively. Offering graphs and analytics, it enables users to identify energy consumption patterns and pinpoint assets contributing to excess energy usage.

It notifies users of unexpected energy usage, empowering businesses to take immediate action and prevent wastage. In addition, it promotes sustainability by providing insights and prompts for behavioural change. 

The app also features a leaderboard, allowing businesses to compete in energy-saving competitions and motivate active engagement in energy management practices for significant savings.

Stuart Ruthven, IoT product manager at Cloudfm, said: “A huge amount of work has gone into making the data visualisation as engaging as possible. It’s essential that people can easily access and understand the data. Our development process was informed by leading behavioural scientists to ensure that it’s as effective as possible.”

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