EdTech 50 firm Near-Life debuted its new generative AI functionality at the Learning Technologies event in London recently.

Based in Bolton, Near-Life – which also featured on the ‘Ones to Watch’ list in our recent GM 125 Rising Stars of Business list – has a mission to make the creation of interactive and immersive content as simple as possible. 

The company’s innovative platform, used by businesses and individuals around the world, allows anyone to make interactive video and VR content quickly and easily.

The authoring tool’s new generative AI feature will allow people to generate images that they can use to help the storyboarding and sharing of ideas or even to create fully-playable interactive, branching scenarios in a graphic novel style. 

With the ever-increasing demand for engaging and immersive learning experiences, Near-Life recognizes the challenges faced by content creators in developing interactive media content efficiently. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Near-Life’s new generative AI feature empowers users to streamline the creation process, enabling them to produce captivating and dynamic projects with ease.


This addition to Near-Life’s content authoring tool is poised to lower the barrier to creativity for interactive media projects for learning professionals, educators, and communication specialists alike.

The Learning Technologies event in London is one of the most prominent exhibitions and conferences dedicated to technology-enhanced learning, training, and development. It serves as a platform for showcasing the latest innovations, trends, and best practices in the field of learning technologies.

“Launching our new AI authoring capabilities at this year’s Learning Technologies event was a fantastic experience,” said CEO Mike Todd. 

“As a leading showcase of innovation, it attracts engaged and curious learning professionals from all over the world. There is clearly a growing interest in immersive learning content – and how AI can help make it easy.” 

‘GM 125 Rising Stars of Business’ launch event

Attendees had the opportunity to experience Near-Life’s generative AI feature firsthand through live demonstrations and interactive showcases.

The company’s team of experts were on hand to provide insights, answer questions and offer personalised demonstrations.

“Our mission at Near-Life has always been to empower individuals and organisations to craft compelling interactive content effortlessly,” added Todd. 

“AI technology is advancing at a rapid pace and this is the first release of some exciting new features we have planned as part of our AI development roadmap.”