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What are the dos and don’ts of business podcasting?

The latest episode of our Launchpad podcast – brought to you in association with Tyto PR – features Colin Gray, founder of The Podcast Host and Alitu.

The Podcast Host is a business which helps podcasts to launch, grow and run their own show, while technology platform Alitu is a simple tool for recording, editing and publishing podcasts.

The all-in-one podcast maker is used by 2,600+ ambitious podcasters to ship their show – including Logitech, Harvard and Stanford Universities, Intuit, Workday and the NHS.

In the episode, available now across audio platforms and YouTube, Colin:

• Considers the evolution of podcasting as a medium
• Identifies why podcasts are effective at connecting businesses with listeners
• Explains how he has built The Podcast Host & tech platform Alitu
• Discusses the dos and don’ts of business podcasting
• Offers practical tips for podcasting – ‘Rocket Fuel’/’Tech Takeaways’
• Reveals how he likes to take off in his spare time…

You can listen to or watch the full episode below.