AIM-listed cloud video-editing firm Blackbird has been selected to provide video editing and publishing tech at the the U.S. Democratic National Convention.

Based in New York, Live X is a full-service production company, designing, producing and broadcasting live events for global brand leaders.

Live X chose Blackbird to  produce video content in the cloud during this past week’s U.S. Democratic National Convention.

Live X’s media production team used Blackbird remotely to edit and enrich live content from the convention and publish it to social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Blackbird was also used to make content available to media partners for re-purposing to multiple platforms and channels.


Live X co-founder, Corey Behnke, said: “Live X is dedicated to delivering the best possible event experiences for our clients. To make the magic happen we only partner with best-in-class technologies and for true cloud-native video editing, Blackbird is the only show in town. We’re excited to incorporate Blackbird into our tech offering and look forward to Live X and our clients benefitting from the significant productivity efficiencies the platform delivers.”

Blackbird plc’s CEO, Ian McDonough, said: “Our new partnership with Live X is exciting in two ways. Firstly, it is focused on live workflows and that’s very much in the sweet spot of where Blackbird offers the most competitive advantages through speed, agility and quality. Secondly it’s an OEM model where Blackbird is trusted to deliver on some of the world’s most relevant content, like the Democratic National Convention, as part of Live X’s technology stack.”

Emmy winning producer and director Glenn Weiss was apparently shown to be operating the live event from his home  in a now viral tweet.