Honcho has announced a partnership with Moneysmart. 

The Durham-based FinTech disrupter has linked up with the financial wellness marketplace launched today by payday experience company PayDashboard. 

Moneysmart is a financial wellness marketplace that intelligently matches users to products and services designed to make their money work harder.  

It works by asking three simple questions based on your lifestyle, attitude to money and current circumstances.  

It then intelligently matches you with the right financial products, services and tools to help you explore offers and start saving in just a few clicks. 

Thanks to a direct integration between the two services, Moneysmart users from launch can access Honcho’s unique reverse auction marketplace for car and van insurance. 

Laura Hughes, product lead at Moneysmart, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome Honcho to Moneysmart as one of our launch partners.  

We are committed to bringing Moneysmart users the highest-rated, most-trusted and best-value products and we’re excited to see how Honcho will help our users in 2021.” 

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Frank Speight, commercial director at Honcho, added: “We’re really impressed with the service that Moneysmart have built and we’re thrilled to be with them from day one of their new service.  

Honcho is all about helping people to find the insurance products that are right for them and there is a natural affinity between Moneysmart’s approach and ours. We’re really excited about the future potential that Moneysmart and Honcho have.”