Three founders have been confirmed to speak on a BusinessCloud panel at pro-manchester’s Health Tech Conference 2022 in December.

The event on December 9th will be held in the heart of Manchester’s innovation district at Bruntwood SciTech’s No. 1 Circle Square development on Oxford Road.

Digital platforms and data are revolutionising how we treat patients – and how people stay healthy. BusinessCloud’s early afternoon session will see the CEOs of innovative MedTech and HealthTech businesses discuss the integration of technology into healthcare and the challenges they face in scaling their solutions to help more people.

You can see the full agenda for the conference, and register at the link below. Use the discount code BusinessCloud20 for 20% off the ticket price

HealthTech Conference 2022 – data innovation in medicine & healthcare

Alderley Park-based Gendius is a health data and insights business focused on metabolic disease.

Gendius develops algorithms that enable earlier identification of metabolic diseases and earlier interventions that transform the outcomes for patients, save lives and save money for global healthcare systems.


CEO Rory Cameron will explain how it has disrupted the current ‘screen all’ approach, reducing the number of patients needing to go for unnecessary and costly blood tests by over 33%. 

Abingdon-headquartered Isansys Lifecare has developed a groundbreaking remote system to continuously monitor high-risk and vulnerable patients approved for use in the UK, US and Europe.

The Isansys Patient Status Engine (PSE) is a wireless platform that captures and analyses patients’ physiological data, such as heart rate, temperature, blood saturation, blood pressure and ECG, continuously and in real-time.

Isansys Lifecare – Every patient monitored, connected and safe

Keith Errey will explain how PSE is used to proactively determine which patients require admission to ICU and which can be treated in wards, thereby reducing costs.

New startup In-House Health is looking to tackle stress and burnout in the tech sector via a data-first approach to help businesses establish and eliminate the root cause of issues.

Founder Emma-Louise Fusari is a former nurse who worked in general practice, with responsibility for running chronic disease management clinics and public health screening programmes.

Based in HOST in Salford’s MediaCity, it has developed the M.E.T.A Wellbeing Audit and a 12-month M.E.T.A Programme. M.E.T.A is an acronym for a four-step process that enables In-House to ‘measure, evaluate, transform and analyse’ the state of health and wellbeing in an organisation.

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Use the discount code BusinessCloud20 for 20% off the ticket price