Frame is launching a new programme of digital skills courses – AI For All – centred around artificial intelligence technology. 

Primarily aimed at educational institutions and private companies, it has been designed to help UK-wide organisations grow and empower their students and workforces through effective learning.

The West-Yorkshire based technology and data science business recently partnered with Leeds Beckett University on a bespoke three-week course which was available to all students regardless of what subject they were studying. It was an investment made by the university to help make tech skills more affordable and accessible, and was part of a wider push to encourage inclusivity within West Yorkshire’s digital and technology sector. 

Post-course research showed that 100% of participants would recommend the programme, and that 86% would consider working in a digital business a direct result of taking the Frame course.

The new eight-strong AI For All course portfolio that has been created so far is made up of: An Introduction to AI; AI Hackathon; AI For Marketing; AI For Business; AI For Media; Humans & AI; The Future of AI; and Careers In Digital.

However, Frame is able to tailor each course and create bespoke content depending on an individual client’s requirements and the sector they operate in. The courses can also be delivered remotely or in-person. Each one is carefully curated by industry leading experts with over 20 years’ of experience working in the data science field.

An Introduction to AI includes: web development and data analysis using Python; engineering using Python; working cloud providers for analytics; building websites with Flask or Django; and collaborative work and projects.

AI Hackathon (one day course) includes: mastering Python Basics; and introduction to the concept of APIs; AI fundamentals and application; and collaborative work and projects.

AI for Marketing includes: using AI for market research and analysis; automating workflows with AI; predictive modelling and forecasting; personalisation and customisation with AI; and chatbots and virtual assistance for marketing.

AI for Business includes: data-driven sales strategies using AI; predictive lead scoring with machine learning; automation CRM with AI; AI chatbots for customer service; and optimising supply chains and logistics using AI.

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AI for Media includes: automated content generation with NLG; customise media experiences with AI, art and media generated with AI; misinformation and bias detection for media; and AI applications for digital advertising.

Humans & AI includes: AI ethics and minimising bias; human AI collaboration vs competition; designing transparent and trustworthy AI; regulation and governance of AI systems; and preparing society for AI integration.

The Future of AI includes: AI trends and emerging technologies; long-term societal impacts of advancing AI; speculation of artificial general intelligence; AI risks; and philosophical questions on AI.

Careers in Digital includes: basics, best practices and considerations; CVs and cover letters; opportunities; LinkedIn social skills; and soft skills.

Hannah Bratley – co-founder and CEO of Frame – said: “We live in a digital age and the opportunity to embrace all it has to offer should be open to anyone who seeks it. The aim of Al For All is to make that a reality by delivering the skills that businesses and people need to grow and thrive. 

“Our team has spent months carefully curating every element of each course to ensure that we only offer the most relevant content.

“We are incredibly excited to see AI For All come to life and we are confident that our flexible approach – and ability to tailor each course – will mean that it will be a springboard for growth, both for our partner organisations and their people.”

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