A football finance podcast is celebrating after hitting seven million downloads.

The Price of Football is created by Dap Dip podcast production and hosted by comedian Kevin Day and football finance expert Kieran Maguire.

The twice-weekly hit podcast was launched in 2019 and has also been mentioned in Parliament by Jamie Stone, Liberal Democrat MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, following the news that football is to get a new independent regulator.

Dap Dip was founded by radio presenter Guy Kilty, who previously worked for BBC Radio 5 Live’s flagship business programme Wake Up To Money.

He said: “It’s incredibly gratifying to see these kind of numbers and to be mentioned in Parliament. When we came up with the concept for the show I was confident there would be an audience and there would be enough stories to discuss.

“We’ve build up a very loyal audience by giving something of real value and real insight. We look at football but every story is from the money side.

Football finance podcast hits milestone

“We don’t analyse the matches or the player performances but we’re taking the listeners behind the scenes.”

Kilty said a key part of the show’s success was the relationship between Maguire and Hunter.

“Kieran is the foremost football finance expert in the country,” said Kilty. “He knows the subject inside and out and he’s funny.

“Kevin asks the questions that the normal football fan would ask. They’ve become best friends and that shines through in the podcast.

“Another thing that’s really important is we cover all areas of football, from Champions’ League, Premier League, National League and WSL.”

Maguire, who is a lecturer at the  University of Liverpool, posted on LinkedIn: “Just over three years ago we launched The Price of Football, a podcast dedicated to the non-subject that is football finance and was surely set to disappear without trace with no listeners or stories.

Political podcast returns after 108% increase in listeners

“This week we have put out four episodes and almost four hours of content, culminating with an interview with former sports minister Tracey Crouch CBE on the government white paper on football governance.

“We also have had our seven millionth download, and a huge thanks to all that listen and keep us motivated to lift the carpet on the murky side of the beautiful game.

“We’ve also been mentioned in Parliament today, which had me nervously looking to see if I was up on a charge of treason!”

It’s estimated that there are now nearly 464 million podcast listeners around the world and the figure is set to pass 500 million in 2024.