Posted on January 9, 2020 by staff

Football finance podcast hits milestone


A podcast that lifts the lid on the finances of football has hit 10,000 downloads a week less than four months after it was launched.

Price of Football is hosted by comedian Kevin Day and football finance expert Kieran Maguire and shines a light on the money behind the beautiful game.

The podcast, which is produced by Dap Dip Podcast Production, has just launched a second weekly show devoted to answering listener questions after reaching its target of 10,000 weekly downloads three months ahead of schedule.

Dap Dip Podcast Production is the brainchild of radio presenter Guy Kilty, who has worked for the BBC for nine years, including BBC Radio 5 Live’s flagship business programme Wake Up To Money.

Kilty said Price of Football had tapped into the growing popularity of podcasts and people’s continued fascination with football.

“The USP of our podcast is we really get under the skin of the money side of football,” he told BusinessCloud. “There’s a lot of football content out there but we have Kieran Maguire who knows the finance side of football inside out. That’s what he does and he’s great at explaining it. We spend the time required to give the fans an insight into what’s going on behind the scenes.

“Our target was to hit 10,000 downloads by Easter but we’ve smashed that three months early. We’ve launched the second weekly show to increase our audience and answer listener questions from all over the world.”

There are now 700,000 active podcasts to choose from and Kilty predicted their popularity will continue to grow.

“The beauty of podcasts is you don’t have to listen to them in one sitting,” he said. “You can listen to an episode over a couple of days but can find out more than you would on any other platform.”

Kilty launched Dap Dip Podcast Production in August 2019 but continues to work at the BBC as a freelance.

It’s estimated that six million adults in the UK now listen to podcasts every week and the 43-year-old believes there’s a gap in the market for businesses to produce their own podcasts.

“I feel there’s a real opportunity for companies to have their own branded podcast,” he said. “The main thing is you have to produce content that is engaging and interesting. It’s got to be high quality.

“There are two types of podcasts: telling a story and the other one is people talking to each other. There’s no magic bullet but it’s about being able to stand out from the crowd.”

Kilty said Dap Dip Podcast Production, which gets its name from the Sharon Jones’ song The Dap Dip, offers everything from coming up with the idea, to production, recording and marketing.

“I believe that all companies can benefit from the right podcast,” he said. “You don’t try and sell through the podcast. It’s about bringing the listener in and getting your brand behind it.”