Digital Catapult is working with Formula 1 to explore the potential of 5G to revolutionise the events of the future.

F1 will work alongside the advanced digital technology body and a cohort of small and medium-sized enterprises to jointly explore 5G solutions to events industry challenges, as part of 5PRING – the UK’s first 5G commercial application accelerator. 

F1 is on the hunt for solutions to enhance event experiences for auto racing fans, making viewing experience more inclusive and interactive for audiences whether onsite and home – through the use of 5G and innovative technologies. 

“F1 is thrilled to be exploring with the startups and scaleups focused in this area, knowing that 5G is a technology that will transform and hugely impact event experiences globally,” Pete Samara, director of strategic technical ventures at F1, said.

F1 will be able to test the latest emerging technologies and quantify the value through Digital Catapult’s 5G lab and demonstrators; explore new fan engagement opportunities alongside startups and scaleups; and build upon its already strong innovation culture by tapping into startups and scaleups.


Jeremy Silver, Digital Catapult CEO, added: “The 5PRING programme is firing on all cylinders to unlock 5G’s potential – and now industry heavyweights from the events industry are turning their attention to how advanced technologies can take their events to the next level.

“It’s brilliant to welcome Formula 1 on board to explore how 5G can help to elevate the experiences of auto racing fans and unlock new commercial opportunities for their stakeholders. 

“Bringing together the repute and expertise of Formula 1 with the entrepreneurialism of the startup community will result in powerful collaborations, that can stimulate exciting new solutions for the events sector.”

Let the market teach you a lesson – or flog a dead horse

The 5PRING Live Events programme, kicking off in January 2022, brings together startups, scaleups and industry experts to develop innovations in the events sector using 5G. 

Startups and scaleups on the programme will gain access to cutting edge technology and private 5G networks, a tailored acceleration curriculum, coaching, mentoring and expertise provided throughout the programme from experts at Virgin Media O2, Deloitte, Wayra, West Midlands 5G and Digital Catapult.


5PRING is one of several programmes involving Digital Catapult that explore 5G’s potential to revolutionise live events, including: 5G VISTA: a project delivering a more interactive and broader range of contents to sports fans; 5G Festival: creating a ‘festival of the future’ where artists and audiences can gather and connect both in person and online using the power of 5G; and 5G Testbed Accelerator: a programme where startups used 5G to enhance products and services.