The growing impact of ChatGPT will be discussed at an exclusive event in Manchester.

Described as ‘an iPhone moment in AI’, ChatGPT was only released by OpenAI in November but has taken the world by storm.

However do you know what it is and what does it really mean for business?

BusinessCloud and specialist tech recruiter Fairmont have teamed up to organise an special event on March 2nd called ‘ChatGPT – what is it and are you ready?’

Supporters say it will change content generation for ever but critics, including the singer songwriter Nick Cave, say it ‘sucks’ and is a sign that theapocalypse is well on its way’.

Is ChatGPT about to steal my comms career?

A panel of experts will discuss the case for and against ChatGPT and what it really means for business.

They include Naomi Timperley, co-founder of Tech North Advocates and We Are GSI; Glyn Powditch, co-founder, Dream Agility; Jack Donohue, CEO, Fairmont Recruitment; Tom Liptrot, machine learning engineer, Ortum; and Sarah Harkness, managing director, IN Accountancy.

Dream Agility

The discussion takes place at Fairmont’s offices at Mosley Street, Manchester, but spaces are strictly limited.

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