Award-winning AI to manage Google Shopping and Search, Facebook, Instagram and Microsoft Ads.

Why does paid search need an alternative approach?

All the tech solutions in the market revolve around optimising conversion (we have that too).

However, when you consider that only 5% of the keywords in your ad account convert, a website converts at between 2-10% and Google is continually raising its costs, expecting a small dataset to produce substantial results is asking a lot.

By also optimising the waste with our AI, you have a huge dataset to tackle: 95% of keywords don’t work and 90-98% of spend doesn’t convert at ROAS (return on ad spend). This is how we get the big uplifts, fast. 

Dream Agility

Dream Agility for e-commerce

As one of the first globally approved Google Shopping Partners, we have arguably the most advanced Google Shopping Technology stack in the world.  We use our suite of proprietary tools when managing your paid search accounts to give you a unique competitive advantages when it comes to Google Shopping and Search, Microsoft Ads, Facebook and Instagram paid social.

Our tech can fit around your existing stack: if you’re on Search 360 or ATB, for example, it can even make Smart campaigns go beyond the bounds of where clients thought possible. And if you’re on a traditional Shopping campaign, you’ll soon appreciate why our average length of client engagements is 3.9 years. 

Dream Agility for lead generation

For years lead generation has revolved around notional values within Adwords. Our Lead AI removes any doubt, guessing or notional values, and delivers your actual sales value back to the referring source, so you can optimize your ads aggressively for sales revenues, rather than just for form fills.

Originally designed to capture offline sales for high value items in e-commerce, it is now used by everyone from financial services to charities and gyms for better-quality, higher-converting leads. 

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Dream Agility