The horror of COVID-19 has made it a tricky time to sing your company’s praises. How can you exhibit sensitivity while marketing and provide top customer service? 

Rachel McElroy

Rachel McElroy, chief communication and engagement officer, Solutionize Global 

“Communicate with authenticity. The marketing mix must be timely and positioned with the right tone whilst maintaining a positive narrative. Think, think and think again about what you want to communicate and consider how the message will resonate across different audiences.”


Howard Williams

Howard Williams, commercial director, Parker Software 

If you’re in a position where you can afford altruism, do so. As a SaaS company, for example, you might offer customers transitioning to remote work extra user seats of your service, at no extra cost. Or, as a goodwill gesture, consider offering discounts to healthcare providers using your solution. 


Becky Armiger

Becky Armiger, head of marketing, Access2Funding 

Assist clients by setting up a private LinkedIn group so businesses can build their own support network. Be mindful that many businesses may be struggling so target your marketing carefully, be sensitive and empathetic. Ask clients regularly if they need any assistance and check they are well. 

Damien Crean

Damien Crean, Hutch Marketing 

“A fundamental rule of marketing is ‘always appear to be advertising’ – businesses must always communicate with their target market. Pressing the pause button isn’t the best plan of action. Be proactive: sending optimistic messages to potential customers may benefit your business down the line.” 

Matt Jones

Matt Jones, marketing director, MyBuzz Technologies 

Support must be a priority when it comes to customer service. Be empathetic: remember, people need help, they’re not just users. Most aren’t tech experts and value patience and positivity. And be authentic: avoid bots as people value interactions with real people who listen. 

Gero Decker

Gero Decker, CEO, Signavio 

“Organisations should take a personalised approach to customer service. This doesn’t have to mean increased time: it could be adding in a chatbot to supply customers with a ‘receipt of issue’ message, or allowing customers to talk to the same employee about their issue with ticket numbers attached.” 

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