With a thriving base of talented entrepreneurs and support programs by universities and governing bodies, Yorkshire is emerging as a tech powerhouse.

The region’s tech scene is bursting with exciting events that highlight its exponential growth. I’ve recently had the opportunity to attend both the Tech Climbers and FinTech North events, which are prime examples of how Yorkshire is rapidly making its mark. This has made me reflect on Yorkshire’s extreme potential in becoming the tech hub in the UK.

As White Label Loyalty was officially part of the Yorkshire Tech Climbers 2023 list, I had the opportunity to join this event that brought together industry leaders, innovators, and investors alike.

The list celebrates top-performing technology-led businesses which demonstrate significant operations in the region, providing a unique tech solution to an existing problem and creating disruption in their target sectors.

Events like these are the pulse of the region, representing its vibrant spirit and boundless potential.

It was also an occasion to see first-hand how much Yorkshire has developed into a real tech hub.

Yorkshire Tech Climbers List 2023

Yorkshire’s tech base: a hidden gem

Despite being often underestimated as a hub for investment, the region has fostered a strong tech foundation and has quietly built a robust tech ecosystem that demands attention.

From nurturing startups to attracting established brands seeking top talent, Yorkshire is steadily gaining recognition for its thriving tech community.

White Label Loyalty’s own success is deeply rooted in its Yorkshire background: we are a proudly Yorkshire-based company and our presence in the region has significantly positively impacted the growth of our own business.

My personal close connection with the tech scene in the North and beyond goes beyond this: I’m closely involved with local Leeds Universities, giving students experience-based projects, where they could earn invaluable lessons about business strategy and more.

The recent data gathered from the Tech Climbers list shows that 100% of 2023 entrants are looking to hire new talent within the next year, projecting the creation of 301 new jobs in the region’s tech sector.

This just goes to show that Yorkshire has both an excellent talent pool and the capacity to grow even more, finding talent in the region and beyond.

White Label Loyalty

The power of collaboration

At the moment, Yorkshire is brimming with initiatives that ensure new talent and programmes bringing women into tech and diversity in the workplace. This means the region has the incredible potential to attract a wide range of young people.

Collaboration isn’t just limited to these kinds of organisations and initiatives. Companies can benefit from working together to offer new opportunities to one another and bring a wider skillset to customers.

One of Yorkshire’s greatest strengths lies in its culture of collaboration and support. A shining example of this is the partnership between White Label Loyalty and The Data Shed, another Leeds-based company.

The Data Shed is a data consultancy specialising in data transformation projects, single customer views, managed support services, and many more.

By joining forces, we have not only accelerated our own growth but have also delivered enhanced value to clients. This collaborative mindset, where companies recognise the power of unity, drives innovation and propels the entire tech ecosystem forward.

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Dreaming big: advice for tech startups

For tech startups in particular, Yorkshire provides an environment that encourages dreaming big.

Our own journey as White Label Loyalty started by addressing a need for loyalty and retention for small local businesses.

However, through attending events and networking, we discovered that the same challenges were prevalent in larger enterprises.

We’ve worked for major corporations including Burger King, PepsiCo, Nets Financial Services and Dubai Holding, and we’re now delivering our vision to a range of clients from small businesses to globally recognised brands.

Yorkshire’s tech scene offers endless possibilities, urging startups to push their boundaries and explore opportunities beyond their initial goals. In this dynamic region, the sky truly is the limit.

Yorkshire’s tech revolution is well underway, defying misconceptions and proving itself as a force to be reckoned with. The region’s impressive tech base holds immense potential for investment and growth.

The region’s culture of collaboration amplifies success and creates an ecosystem where everyone benefits.

The rise of Yorkshire’s tech industry is poised to be an extraordinary journey, attracting investors and innovators alike, as startups set their sights high and remarkable events unfold.

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