White Label Loyalty is a customer loyalty platform that helps you better understand your customer and deliver an engaging reward experience. Get the data you need to build deeper relationships with customers that drive long-term growth and retention – at scale.

We pride ourselves on being the most flexible loyalty and engagement technology platform on the market. Whether you need an end-to-end solution, a loyalty API or a functional module to support your loyalty efforts, we’re here to help. 

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More importantly, with our modular architecture we have served over 10 different industries and we’re industry-agnostic. Our platform won’t dictate which customer activities you can reward and how. Our event-based loyalty engine gives you the power to make any customer action rewardable – that means both transactional and non-transactional behaviour.

Join some of the top brands worldwide, including PepsiCo, Burger King and AkzoNobel, in getting closer to your customers with White Label Loyalty.

What do we do?

75% of loyalty programs fail and our mission at White Label Loyalty is to solve this problem.

Our API-first solution resolves 3 key problems, due to which most loyalty programs fail. Firstly, the platform makes loyalty digital and mobile, which decreases friction in customer engagement. 

Secondly, our top of the class loyalty engine allows businesses to reward any customer activity chosen, not just transactions. This is important as it helps to strengthen customer relationships and hence increase customer retention. 

Lastly, our platform allows seamless integration with key business systems. Consequently, it is much easier to run data-driven loyalty programs, personalise rewards and achieve customer satisfaction.

Are you looking to run a B2C or B2B loyalty program? Do you need easily integrated loyalty tech to collect first party data for your activation campaigns? Do you want to reward your customers or members to improve retention and loyalty? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, get in touch with our team to discuss your use case.

Why should you choose us?

White Label Loyalty - why choose us

We make the complex simple → We know customer loyalty is complicated. White Label Loyalty is the simple loyalty solution for complex needs. We want you to launch your loyalty program, without drowning in tech – so you can focus on your customers.

The loyalty experts → Unlike most of our competitors, our sole focus is, and always has been, loyalty. We’re 100% dedicated to helping you engage and retain customers and achieve brand affinity. 

Behaviour-driven loyalty → We help you go beyond transactions, to make any customer action or behaviour rewardable using our event-based technology. No more rigid rewarding rules and structures to fit into, run your loyalty program the way you want and drive behaviour that is valuable to your business.

Get up and ready faster → Take your loyalty program live in weeks – not months. Reduce your time-to-market, with our out-of-the box solution. Importantly, with us you don’t need to sacrifice customisation thanks to our flexible modular approach.

Who are we best suited for?

We help customer-driven brands create effective loyalty, reward and retention programs across any industry and use case.

Because our loyalty platform is a robust and complex system, it is most suitable for high-growth data-driven startups, and midsize to enterprise level businesses. This is also reflected in our pricing. Consequently, we are not typically the right choice for small businesses (e.g. a small café or boutique with only a few stores), or those looking for a simple stamp loyalty card (not interested in high growth).

About us

White Label Loyalty was founded in Leeds in 2015 with the goal of enabling businesses to better understand, engage and retain their customers by developing the most flexible cloud-based loyalty platform on the market.

We are now delivering on that vision with a range of clients from medium businesses to globally recognised brands which we serve primarily from our HQ in Leeds, UK — supported by our wider team located throughout the world.

We pride ourselves on being customer-focussed and we’re never afraid to push boundaries of innovation. Our clients most admire our dedication to deliver on our promises and being a reliable tech partner to their marketing and data strategies.