My journey to become CEO of ANS, leading digital transformation company based in Manchester, began over 20 years ago.

Starting my career in tech at TalkTalk, I then moved to ANS in 2022.

However, at every step of the way, I’ve carried with me a core set of values – teamwork, unity, excellence – that have not just shaped my career but also my outlook on leadership and innovation.

I’ve had the opportunity to lead a company that embodies these values in everything we do.

ANS’ values such as ‘eyes on the customer’, ‘giving a damn’ and ‘being all in’, are leading us toward a future where technology is not just for the privileged few but accessible to all, no matter their dreams, budgets or aims.

Outside of the world of tech, I have a keen interest in sports, where I have developed my strong values of teamwork, unity and commitment.

Those values became the cornerstone of my leadership philosophy and translated seamlessly when I began my 20-year-long career at TalkTalk, progressing from a partner account manager to managing director. This blend of sports and business experience is what defines my approach as the CEO of ANS.

Joining ANS in 2022 as chief revenue officer, and later stepping into the role of CEO in October of that year, was an honour and responsibility I embraced.

ANS’s commitment to revolutionise the tech industry by taking on the status quo and making the best technology available to all companies not just those with deep pockets, resonated strongly with my own beliefs.

Our core values influence everything we do at ANS and are at the forefront of all decisions we make.

As collaboration is such a priority for us when it comes to making tech affordable and accessible or all companies, we know the importance of not only understanding but valuing the different people that make achieving that vision possible. To put it simply:  We give a damn.

Having a strong team is the foundation for success, so our people at ANS are vital to everything we do. As CEO I make sure that all employees, no matter their role, understand their value.

At ANS we put our employees’ wellbeing front and centre. Success comes from a collective passion and care for what you do. Naturally, we treat our employees with the same care that we expect them to treat our customers.

We place a strong commitment to the ‘SHED’ principles: Sleep, hydration, exercise and diet. This is reflected in our new tech hub’s facilities, with a state-of-the-art gym available for all employees to use.

These principles reinforce our focus on employee well-being, making this a place for them to thrive.

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Courage is another lesson I’ve carried from sports into the corporate world. I encourage my employees to be fearless, embrace change, and challenge the status quo.

These are all key to success within the constantly changing tech landscape. To make sure that change is made and that tech is available to all, we always need to develop how we do things.

Failure at ANS is embraced; we encourage our employees to fail fast, considering it as an opportunity to learn and develop further.

Our office is a hub for innovation, where ideas flow freely, and every voice is valued. This culture of courage has resulted in breakthroughs that are reshaping the tech landscape.

Our £2m Ambition Fund is just one example of this, promoting innovation and accessibility among SMBs by providing the tools and capabilities to help them adopt cloud.

While our internal culture thrives on these values, our ‘eyes on the customer’ value is equally vital.

We’re committed to transforming our customers’ technological journeys, through adaptability and collaboration.

We take the time to really understand and value each customer’s priorities and needs to make sure we’re providing the best possible solutions for them.

Tech accessibility is more than a checkbox; it’s a commitment to breaking down barriers.

Technology should be a force for inclusivity, and we’re paving the way at ANS.

By making tech accessible to companies of all sizes, not just those with large resources, we’re ensuring that technology empowers all organisations, regardless of their budget or capabilities.

Give a damn

Our vision and success are deeply rooted in community impact. Our presence in Manchester isn’t just about business; it’s about investing in the people who make this community thrive.

We have opened our new tech hub ‘Fusion’, up to the community offering bookable spaces for charities and small businesses to come together and collaborate.

Partnering with local schools and charities, we’re creating equal opportunities for individuals from all walks of life to thrive in the tech industry.

Just one recent example of this is when we donated laptops to Abraham Moss Community School in Moss Side in Manchester.

We’re making proactive efforts to continue our support by providing coding workshops for young people in our tech hub.

The ANS Academy is another testament to this commitment. With an Ofsted outstanding rating, we offer apprenticeships and graduate programmes to allow individuals of all ages to get started in the tech community.

We have had 250 apprentices graduate so far, coming from local communities such as Moss Side and Hulme.

Our training and support at various stages of people’s development highlights our goals to tackle the digital skills gap, make tech more accessible and provide more job opportunities in Manchester.

This commitment to community echoes our core vision – to challenge traditional norms and disrupt the tech industry positively.

When I say, our mission is to make digital transformation accessible to all, I’m speaking from the heart.

ANS isn’t just a company; it’s a collective of passionate, collaborative individuals united in the pursuit of a common goal, to democratise technology and make sure no one is left behind.


ANS will continue to be a hub of collaboration and innovation. My role in this journey is to provide a platform for everyone to excel. I’m committed to leading by example, whether it’s participating in charity events or engaging with the community.

Investing in future talent is non-negotiable. Our programs and the ground-breaking work with local schools showcase this commitment.

The next generation of talent is the future, and they deserve every opportunity to shine. By placing people at the centre and offering the best opportunities, I’m confident that ANS’ success will be nothing short of amazing.

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In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, my focus remains steady: to make sure that ANS continues to challenge conventions, disrupt positively, and most importantly, make technology accessible to all.

My journey to the tech boardroom shows the incredible influence of values, community, and innovation.

As I steer ANS toward the future, I am firm in my belief that by embodying these principles, we’re not just shaping a successful company; we’re shaping a world where technology empowers and uplifts every individual, regardless of their background. This is the legacy I’m committed to building, at ANS.