Mental health

Mental health and leadership – the taboo that needs to be addressed

By Richard Latham, CEO, Wellmind Health In recent years, progress was starting to be made in ...


Counselling sessions have replaced after-work drinks

By Jimmy Williams, founder, Urban Jungle When I founded Urban Jungle I was always determined ...


Upskill now to thrive and not just survive

By Amy Wild, chief commercial officer, Northcoders Upskilling is on, or should be on, every...


How tech can help tackle problems in insolvency sector

By Martin Prigent, Aryza UK  According to a recent government report, the overall number ...


Investors’ data red flags for tech firms eyeing investment

By Fran Quilty, CEO, Conjura  There aren’t many positives to take from 2020 but one well...


How can technology save the NHS?

By Bernard Ross, CEO and founder, Sky Medical Technology The COVID-19 pandemic has caused maj...

Female CEO

Why are there so few female CEOs?

By Gayle Carpenter,  director, Sparkloop When you think about inspirational female leaders o...


Why you shouldn’t rely on email for external communication

By Stuart Templeton, Head of UK at Slack It can’t be overstated: work has changed. 2020 has...

COVID-19 data

Is British public ready to put its trust in government’s handling of its personal data?

By Tim Crofts, VP for Strategy & Business Development at Leidos UK Arguably, the UK Governmen...

Climate change

To change world for better we must rethink corporate innovation

By Felix Staeritz, founder & CEO, FoundersLane There is no denying that we are collective...


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