Posted on November 29, 2016 by staff

WTF is ALICE? App tipped to transform hotel industry


The global hotel industry is predicted to generate $550 billion in 2016 so it’s hardly surprising the sector has become a magnet for app developers.

One especially popular app is called ALICE and makes dealing with hotel staff a lot easier for both guests and staff.

Described as being like a “concierge and front desk service in your pocket”, guests simply download the app upon check-in and then have constant updates of the amenities available.

Arsenal fan and founder of ALICE app, Alexander Shashou, believes staff technology in hotels is fragmented and is certain his invention will transform the leisure industry.

“What we’ve done over the last three years is build a suite of products that covers housekeeping, maintenance, front desk and the concierge,” Shashou tells BusinessCloud.

“We integrated the app into the property management system allowing hotels to track their entire workload.

“We offer mobility and text messaging for the guests and we have an API to plug your existing guest channels into our backend.

“So now we have both outsourced concierges using us as well as residential.

“You can implement the ALICE app on your website to allow guests to chat with the concierge and ask them things such as if their menu is gluten free, for example.

“It brings the entire customer journey into one and completely centralises it.”

A BusinessCloud breakfast event highlighted the importance of technology to the modern sector.

Shashou believes technology greatly enhances the hotel experience nowadays.

“The reason you book a hotel now is usually because you like the amenities, the location or the price,” he says.

“The reason you enjoy the hotel is not any of those things as once you’ve made the booking, that’s what you expect.

“You enjoy a stay when they deliver unparalleled service. They wow you and they deliver much better customer service.

“Hotels become a lot more efficient in their service delivery. And if they forget, the technology reminds them.

“The ALICE app allows the hotels to never leave a request unanswered, so in turn, never lose a guest and as a result their guests stay loyal throughout.

“We try to automate the mundane so that staff can spend more time going out and delivering a better service.

“They don’t need to spend all this time tracking and working between systems, they can spend more time with the guests.

“I think most industries are struggling to keep up with consumer demand today. This world seems to owe you something that you didn’t even know existed yesterday.

“Consumer technology is driving every industry. Hotels don’t yet have the infrastructure to support it.

“And if they don’t get onto the platform way of thinking, they will be left behind and be slow to innovate.”

Our hotel report in the latest edition of BusinessCloud also highlighted the prime tech at the centre of London’s 39-bedroom Eccleston Square Hotel.