Posted on October 10, 2018 by staff

‘World’s fastest tripod’ smashes Kickstarter target


Lumapod, a dynamic camera gear start-up based in Austria, has announced a Kickstarter crowdfunding campign for its ultra-compact travel tripod, which sets up in only four seconds.

With the launch of a Kickstarter campaign it brings its patented technology to amateur and professional photographers around the world.

The camaign has already raised more than $400,000 investment on the platform since launching less than a month ago, becoming 100 per cent funded in 90 minutes.

Lumapod’s two tripods have three modes which allow amateur and professional photographers to choose the best option for their needs.

Its 85-centimeter model and 120-centimeter model can each become a tripod, monopod or selfie pole. All of the models and modes are usable for smartphones, GoPro, Mirrorless, DSLR and more.

“Our patented tensioning technology means any photographer can set up a professional-quality tripod in four seconds – and still carry that same tripod in their day pack,” said Lumapod co-founder and designer Martin Grabner.

“Whether you’re an international traveller, the family photographer, or a professional who requires speed and compactness, Lumapod can fit your needs.”

This compact and speedy solution for photographers and videographers has already received endorsements for its set-up speed, stability, and versatility.

Leading Austrian travel blogger and photographer LadyVenom has said that while her current tripod almost always stays at home because of its size and bulk, “I’m looking forward to having a product that solves exactly these problems. Then I’ll always have a tripod when I’m on the go”.

Lumapod’s Kickstarter campaign runs until October 25. Its two models are currently available for up to 50 per cent off retail sales prices for Kickstarter supporters.