A startup reducing the impact of concussions in sportswomen has won a share of £100,000 in grant funding at a university pitching competition.

Twelve fledgling startups vied to impress the judges and a packed auditorium at the University of Bristol Innovation Showcase.

Winners included startups making seaweed farms more efficient, slashing the cost of electrochemical production using 3D printing and treating sewage using light.

£75,000 was up for grabs to any University of Bristol student startup and £25,000 was available to any startup involved in quantum. The funding was provided by University of Bristol alumni and supporters.

Student startup Concussion Toolkit Consultancy is upskilling sports clubs to help women recover from sports-related concussions.

The all-female team told the judges that 80% of concussion research is focussed on men, while concussion symptoms can be confused with period symptoms.  

Concussion Toolkit Consultancy won £8,000, which they will use to begin bringing the latest concussion research to university sports groups, before opening it out to grassroots clubs.

The Concussion Toolkit Consultancy team said: “It’s a privilege to have received this funding, especially since less than 3% of VC (venture capitalist) funding goes to women. To have so many people share their own concussion or recovery stories after our pitch was special.

“We think providing inclusive recovery protocol which centres the individual is a mission that really resonates with people.”

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The winning startups in the University of Bristol competition were:

Rubisko – Growing the emerging seaweed farming market using data driven decisions (£20,000)

Taught by Humans – Improving data skills using personalised learning journeys (£15,000)

Mixterial – Electrifying the formulation of complex chemicals using composites (£10,000)

Concussion Toolkit Consultancy – Reducing the impact of concussion on sportswomen (8,000)

Photoclear – A step change in sewage treatment using light (£3,000)

Monte Productions – Accelerating SME growth through engaging media marketing (£3,000)

Lost Track of Time – Inclusive and engaging events that fill empty venues (£3,000)

SLANT – Enabling people to carry loads actively, effortlessly and sustainably (£3,000)

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The winning startups in the quantum-focused competition were:

Light Trace Photonics (University of Bristol) – Making photonic hardware and simulations (for example for telecoms innovation) as quick and easy as silicon (£20,000)

Bloomsbury Atomics (University College London) – Penetrating electromagnetic induction sensing for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and detection, for instance ultra-long range sensors for pipelines (£5,000)

An additional £10,000 was awarded to various runners up. The Innovation Showcase included an exhibition of work from students studying at the University’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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