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Today, having a business website is vital to the growth and success of your business. The primary purpose of a business website is to develop a brand’s visibility and generate more leads and sales. A website also helps establish your company’s credibility. There will be other organisations that offer similar services or products to yours, so to stand out, you need to have a website that provides quality information about your brand. 

A website can even provide excellent customer service and increase productivity. Many prospects or existing customers tend to call to ask questions about a business’s hours of operation or location, so employees get distracted, unable to focus on their primary tasks.  Sometimes, customers feel unhappy when no one is available to answer their questions. But when you have a website, customers can just visit the page for information they seek, and employees can work efficiently.     

However, creating a business website isn’t enough. If you want to connect with customers globally, you should consider building a multilingual website. 

You might think that developing a multilingual website is challenging or unnecessary. However, that’s not the case at all. You only need to define your expansion goals and select which languages to add to your site. After that, you can buy and install a WordPress translation plugin from a reputable company. A translation plugin allows you to translate website posts into your desired languages. 

Continue reading to learn why having a multilingual website will be a worthwhile investment.

1. Connection with a vast audience

English is one of the most spoken languages worldwide. For that reason, most business owners tend to customise their websites to this language. But little did they know that building a website that accommodates only one language may prevent them from connecting with a large audience.  

Chances are that there will be customers who won’t be able to understand the information on your site, so they end up losing interest in your business. To avoid that, you’ll need a multilingual website.  

A website with multiple languages will help you expand your market reach and increase organic traffic

2. Enhanced conversion rate

Your website might be attracting a lot of visitors daily. However, many of them may choose not to buy from you. Thus, you need to boost your conversion rate.  

Creating a multilingual website is actually one of the most effective strategies to increase your conversion rate. Customers who visit your site will immediately leave if they aren’t able to read the posts in their native language, which will increase your website’s bounce rate. In fact, many non-English speaking online shoppers would rather buy products from sites that provide information in their native language. 

You can minimise the bounce rate by simply having a multilingual website. Since many customers from different parts of the world will be able to access information on your site, they’ll feel confident about what you offer. As a result, your business will enjoy an increase in sales. 

3. Enhanced international SEO

As noted earlier, having a website is one of the best approaches to grow your company. However, the website won’t be helpful if it’s not going to be visible to many consumers. That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. 

SEO is a practice of increasing a website’s performance to display on the first page of search engine results. It helps promote your brand to prospects. The best way to utilise SEO is to target a large audience with a multilingual website. 

Besides, most search engine tools determine whether a particular website is multilingual before ranking. This means that a website with an option for translation to different languages is likely to rank higher than the one with just a single language. Therefore, if you want to improve your international SEO strategy, be sure to develop a multilingual website.  

4. Decreased competition

Having a multilingual website will help you stay ahead of the competition too. Most business owners haven’t shifted to websites with multiple languages, so they fail to stay on top of their game. 

When you offer a multilingual website, you’ll not only attract more customers but also overcome your competition. 

5. Minimised marketing costs

Content marketing is one of the cost-effective strategies to promote your business globally. It involves creating and sharing online materials, like blog posts and videos, to enhance customer engagement. Moreover, it’s an affordable method to increase your leads. 

If you’re considering an international marketing strategy, go for a multilingual website. A multilingual website will translate your online materials, strengthening your content marketing strategy.  


A business website helps your company grow and allows you to connect with customers 24/7. However, if you want to promote your business globally, make sure to develop a multilingual website.