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For any workplace or business premise to be well-run, it is important that a number of rules are put in place. It is easy to assume that these rules are to stifle individuality or to ensure that everyone is kept on a tight leash, but realistically they are in place to ensure that a business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The importance of rules

Whether you’re wondering how to play dice, you want to take out a loan or you’re considering how to ensure your business runs efficiently you’ll find guidelines and rules in place. Even playing something as simple as Street Dice or having a kick about in the park has rules, even if they’re unwritten. Rules are in place to ensure that everyone is on an even playing field and that everyone has an idea of what is expected of them with any given task. This could be a rule about being on time for work or a rule about rolling the dice correctly when it is your turn – two different concepts when it comes to implementing rules but they both exist for the same reason.

Rules a business may have

The rules that you wish to implement within your business are going to depend on the industry you are in and what sort of premises you have, however one thing for sure is that you are going to have rules in place. It can be wise to speak to an expert in HR to understand what rules your business should have in place in terms of making sure employees are happy, treated fairly and working efficiently for your business. Timekeeping, business etiquette and having a job description with a list of tasks to carry out are rules that most businesses are likely to have. You may also need rules surrounding the sharing of customer data and/or the safety of people when visiting the premises.

Why rules benefit employees as well as employers

As an employee, it is important that you work somewhere where you are happy and content and a big part of this will come down to the rules an employer has in place. After all, if there are no rules and the business premises are like a giant free-for-all, you may struggle to find your place within this and it can quickly become somewhere that doesn’t treat everyone the same.

By choosing an employer that has strict but fair rules you know that you are working somewhere that takes the wellbeing of their employees seriously – a great foundation for working somewhere that makes you happy.

There are going to be times when you have to follow rules that you don’t fully agree with. If you can think of a different rule or a reason why the rule that is currently in place doesn’t work then speaking to your colleagues and employer is important. However, much like a game of dice or trying to win Monopoly, rules are there for a reason and it is important that you follow them to the best of your ability.