The boss of a growing Manchester tech firm says companies are increasingly being judged by employees and customers on their ‘net positive’ credentials.

Kai Ojo is the managing director of global software solutions provider Planisware UK, based in MediaCityUK, and he will be speaking at the second Tech Barometer event on Thursday February 2nd.

Net positive is defined as a new way of doing business which puts back more into society, the environment and the global economy than it takes out.

Planisware UK has doubled its workforce to  20 employees in the last 18 months and Ojo said being net positive was both good for business and good for society.

“Tech for only profit is old news now,” he said. “Employees and customers are looking to work with businesses that are making an impact in the world – businesses with a clear ‘net positive’ purpose.

Latest tech trends to be discussed at return of popular event

“I think the idea of being a net positive business with a clear purpose will increase dramatically in 2023.

“What I mean by this is, that as a business – both employees AND your customers want to see that you are contributing something to the ecosystem you are in – not just taking from it. This requires some very crucial reflective thinking as a tech business.

“At Planisware, we like to give something back to worthy causes. For example, last year, we delivered our very first hackathon to find a digital solution for MASH, a charity that supports women who sex work, to provide them with good health and wellbeing, and keeping them safe.

“This year, we aim to work on more charity projects to help tackle real life problems in the local community, and make a positive change.”

Ojo will form part of the panel at the Tech Barometer event on February 2nd alongside Laura Sisson, investment manager at YFM Equity Partners, and Jack Donohue, CEO and founder of Fairmont Recruitment.

The popular event has been organised by tech specialist Fairmont Recruitment and will take place at their Manchester city centre office in Mosley Street.

Award-winning journalist Chris Maguire will host the discussion, which will look at everything from confidence levels in the sector, investment and recruitment.

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Planisware was established in 1996 and now has 14 offices around the world. The company delivers to cloud solutions to its customers. Globally Planisware employs 650 people and has a turnover of £106m ($130m).

Ojo advised businesses to keep things simple and not to make any rash decisions in 2023.

“The phrase ‘keep it simple’ has been around a long time and it still rings true,” he said. “The business world is far more dynamic and ever-changing than it was 20 years ago and there are more and more opportunities to be had.

“The temptation is to throw your business (and your time) into all manner of things. My advice is to slow down, ensure you have a clear purpose and ensure most, if not all your actions as a business contribute to that purpose.

“This is easier said than done but will ensure a sustainable business. We have seen what global disruptions can do to the business world so building an organisation that is resilient is crucial.”

Spaces for the Tech Barometer are limited but register here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-tech-barometer-tickets-489329546847?aff=erelexpmlt