An annual list of the top 50 London tech scale-ups to work for has been published. 

The Rocket List, compiled by recruitment start-up Otta, includes unicorns Cazoo, Hopin and Gousto.

The 50 companies listed have been selected based on their level of financial investment, the number of jobs available, employee growth and their corporate mission and purpose.  

Collectively, they have raised £2.1 billion in investment and posted 2,695 jobs in 2020. 

For the first time, the Rocket List has been curated by a panel of experts, including several leading venture capital firms – LocalGlobeAtomicoSeedcamp, Accel and Amadeus Capital – as well as tech entrepreneurial network Tech Nation. 

New entries to the list include Codat, Blink, and Unmind – each of which raised £8m in Series A funding in 2020. 

Other entries include Impala and Marshmallow, which have raised more than £14.6 million and £22 million in funding respectively and experienced phenomenal growth while being open about their diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

Four start-ups and scale-ups – Cleo, RevolutTrueLayer, WhiteHat (see story below) – have made the Rocket List three years in a row, thanks to their consistent growth and hiring. 

Euan Blair’s EdTech start-up raises record £32m

FinTechs Revolut and are hiring for the most roles right now, with 79 and 68 positions respectively up for grabs. 

Otta CEO and co-founder Sam Franklin said: “The latest Rocket List illustrates that 2021 is starting on a high note for the UK’s tech sector as it continues to hire in the new year with a certain degree of stability, even acceleration, in these uncertain times.  

“We have used real-time data on job opportunities, growth, fundraising, and more. We hope this comprehensive list of fast-growing and innovative tech companies will excite job seekers as they embark on their search for new roles and opportunities.” 

Tech Nation CEO Gerard Grech said: “The tech sector is now the fastest-growing sector in the UK economy, employing nearly three million people.  

This makes it an engine room of high-value, highly-skilled and well-paid jobs, and an attractive place for those looking to make their move in an exciting and fast-growing sector.  

With such a vast pool of scale-ups eager for new talent, the Rocket List’s comprehensive view helps to identify the most exciting opportunities available in London today.” 

FinTechs make up almost half of the list, followed by AI & big data (12%) and healthcare (8%). 

The Rocket List for 2021

  • Ably 
  • accuRx 
  • Bark 
  • Beacon 
  • Behavox 
  • Blink 
  • Capdesk 
  • Cazoo 
  • Cleo 
  • Codat 
  • Credit Kudos 
  • Cutover 
  • Duffel 
  • Eigen Technologies 
  • Elvie 
  • Farewill 
  • Fidel 
  • Form3 
  • Freetrade 
  • Goodlord 
  • Gousto 
  • Harbr Data 
  • Hopin 
  • Impala 
  • Infogrid 
  • Kheiron Medical 
  • LabGenius 
  • Lingumi 
  • Marshmallow 
  • Moneybox 
  • Onfido 
  • Paddle 
  • Primer 
  • Privitar 
  • Prolific 
  • Qatalog 
  • Revolut 
  • SeedLegals 
  • Sensat 
  • Snyk 
  • Streetbees 
  • Thought Machine 
  • Tiney 
  • Trint 
  • TrueLayer 
  • Unmind 
  • Wagestream 
  • WhiteHat 
  • Yapily