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Stair nosing is an additional stair part you can install on your staircase that offers different advantages. Throughout this blog, stair component specialists Stair Crazy explain the purpose of this staircase element and the benefits of oak nosing.

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What is stair nosing?

A popular feature on many staircases, the stair nosing is a horizontal stair part installed on the edge of each tread to conceal the joint between the step and the riser. Nosing is commonplace in commercial and industrial premises but it’s also found in our homes too. So, what is it actually for?

What’s the purpose of stair nosing?

Stair nosing has several purposes and benefits that make it a great addition to your staircase:

1. Stair nosing is a safety feature

The most significant purpose of nosing is to boost stair safety for those using your stairs.

Unlike public or commercial settings, domestic nosing doesn’t feature a yellow non-slip coating to reduce accidents and misstepping. Instead, stair nosing is fitted slightly overhanging the riser to increase the surface area of each step, making them more visible and providing people with more space to position their feet on.

2. Stair nosing reduces wear and tear on your treads

Your stairs experience high foot traffic throughout the day, naturally causing gradual wear over time. However, stair nosing can be used to effectively protect your expensive treads. Due to its positioning on the edge of your steps, stair nosing takes the brunt of foot traffic, keeping stairs in great condition for longer and shielding your staircase from expensive refurbishments.

3. Nosing can be easily replaced if necessary

For many reasons, damages can occur on staircases regardless of how well-built they may be. For example, someone may forget to remove their work boots and stomp down with a greater force, causing treads to crack or break. Thankfully, stair nosing will absorb these impacts and protect your actual stairs from damage. Plus, if it does break, it can be simply replaced and save you from installing new treads and risers.

Why choose oak nosing for your stairs?

Stair nosing can be made from various materials, including softwoods and metal. However, if durability and a luxurious aesthetic are what you’re after, few styles can lay a glove on oak stair nosing.

Oak is a hardwood, meaning its timber is incredibly strong, exceptionally robust and long-lasting. Ultimately, this means you’ll invest in stair parts that can withstand impacts and won’t need to be replaced as often as some other materials.

As far as interior decor is concerned, solid oak stair nosing is unrivalled in terms of its sheer natural finish and colour. Oak grain is visually appealing and its versatility means it looks the part among a range of decors.

Only invest in oak nosing from a trusted supplier

If you’re looking for oak stair nosing to make your stairs safer and more protected, be sure to buy from a reliable retailer. Only an established seller will stock and supply high-quality products that will last a long while and won’t let you down.