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Are you feeling challenged over whether to outsource or co-source your internally provided IT services? Or perhaps you are nearing the end of your contract with your current IT services provider and evaluating the value they bring to your business? If you believe that you have surpassed the capabilities of your Managed Services Provider or that your in-house team is unable to address your business challenges, and you are uncertain about transitioning to a new provider, then here are some essential factors to consider.

Why did you outsource to an IT services provider in the first place or why are you considering outsourcing?

If you have yet to outsource your IT needs, then you’ll likely be looking at a host of considerations, including flexibility, delivery models, efficiency savings, and business outcomes. However, if you have already taken this step, it’s possible that you signed a straightforward service level agreement some years ago to reduce costs and free up staff time. Now, as your business has grown, you may find that your current IT services provider has failed to scale in line with your organization’s needs.

It’s possible that you have come to realize that your requirements for an IT outsourcing partner have changed significantly since you first began the process. With increased remote and hybrid working models, the challenges facing IT departments have shifted significantly in recent years. To keep up with the pace of technological innovation and the introduction of new products, platforms, and services, your business needs more than simple maintenance and technical support.

Moreover, the ever-present threat of cybercrime means that robust protection against hackers is essential. To thrive in the digital economy, you require a trusted partner who can offer a more long-term strategic partnership, with access to cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that can help safeguard your business.

Are you concerned about the costs and complications of switching IT services provider?

Many companies opt to maintain their current IT services provider due to the perceived inconvenience and expenses associated with switching. This can be compounded by contractual obligations spanning multiple years, which can curtail the flexibility to explore new options. Nonetheless, the process of transitioning between IT services providers can be less daunting than it seems, and your chosen provider can assist with the migration.

What are the risks involved in switching to a new IT services provider?

Choosing a new IT services provider and navigating the conventional tender process may appear daunting and time-consuming. Nevertheless, with a wealth of information accessible online, conducting your own preliminary research before engaging with a new provider can prove invaluable. The widespread integration of cloud services has led to a transformation in contract arrangements, with greater flexibility in contract durations. Crafting a condensed list of Managed Service Providers that are potentially suitable can help streamline the arduous request for information procedure.

What are the benefits of partnering with Transputec?

At Transputec, we understand the importance of tailored IT outsourcing and managed services that are unique to each customer. Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine your organization’s specific needs and provide you with the necessary tools and services to succeed. Our comprehensive end-to-end managed services enable us to expand our offerings as your business evolves.

Partnering with Transputec means you can focus on strategic decision-making, while having the confidence that our flexible, cost-effective team of specialists is always available to provide reliable and consistent services. We offer innovative solutions and strategic thought leadership to help you achieve your business objectives.

Service Desk: Our services include a 24/7, 365 Managed Service Desk, staffed with skilled engineers who proactively monitor and resolve issues with your servers, networks, and applications, ensuring prompt and effective support for your users.

Cloud Services: Transputec’s cloud services teams are dedicated to supporting your business’s cloud adoption and ongoing management. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can provide you with expert assistance for Microsoft Azure, and as an AWS Select Consultancy Partner, we have the expertise to meet all of your cloud needs.

Cybersecurity: Protecting your network from potential cyber-attacks is of utmost importance to us. That’s why we offer round-the-clock monitoring in our Security Operations Centre, along with award-winning endpoint protection software, to ensure your network remains secure. Our additional services, including backup as a service, DevOps as a service, and network and infrastructure support, ensure that all your cybersecurity needs are met.

Hybrid Working: As more and more companies adopt a hybrid model of working, we understand the importance of providing flexible support for remote work. We have the experience and expertise to enable your organisation to thrive in this new era of work, whether your team is working from home, in the office, or both.