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The first thing you need to know here is that certain payment methods are not available when you are on GamStop. You need to know about these just so you can understand the topic better and adapt. Here we will explain which methods are not available and why this happens. On the other hand, there are still a lot of banking options you can use.


Boku is a pay-by-phone method. What this means is that you can deposit funds to the online casino and that amount will be added to your phone bill. Once you are on GamStop, Boku becomes unavailable. In other words, this method is only available for casinos that have UKGC and that support GamStop. 

Boku is a popular method in the United Kingdom and many gamblers have been using it for a long time. It is easy to use. You need to choose this payment method when depositing funds, confirm the transaction using SMS and you are good to go. 


There is no need to tell you that PayPal is a bit special payment method when it comes to online gambling. Thousands of players are searching NonGamStopSlots for PayPal casinos not on GamStop and have only a few available alternatives. Generally speaking, it is not available to use for this purpose in the United Kingdom. This happens due to laws and regulations. In the United Kingdom, you can use it only at UKGC casinos. As you know, all of these casinos must support GamStop. But PayPal cooperates only with casinos that have UKGC licences and therefore GamStop support. It is not available at casinos that don’t have a license.

This payment method is extremely popular all over the world. Players can use it for deposits and withdrawals and it is secured, fast and reliable. In order to operate in the United Kingdom, PayPal must be accepted and then approved by the casino. They do this to comply with the local laws and requirements. 

Why are some methods not supported when on GamStop?

One of the most important questions here is why some payment methods are not available when you are on GamStop. This happens because they want to make gambling safer and support GamStop doing so. There is no need to tell you that GamStop is extremely successful. 

Because Boku and PayPal are both popular, GamStop users would still want to use them when playing at other casinos, the ones that don’t have UKGC. Eliminating this possibility makes gambling while on GamStop harder and even impossible for certain players. Keep in mind that certain gamblers will use only one, favourite payment method which can be PayPal or Boku. 

Available methods

However, you know that some payment methods are available when you are on GamStop. We will have to cover them just so you can understand all the things related to the main question here. If you are on GamStop, here are available banking options at online casinos.

Credit/debit cards

This refers to all credit and debit cards you can imagine. You can use Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and so much more. This is probably the most popular payment method and the usage of credit card payments as it is simple and convenient. Companies will support and allow you to use these for all kinds of transactions, including the ones towards gambling. There are no limits and the payment methods are secure. Keep in mind that withdrawals here can last a couple of days. Deposits are instant. A nice advantage is the fact you can have winnings directly on your account without any medium. 


Gamblers have been using e-wallets for decades. These include Skrill, Neteller, and many more. Some of these like Neteller are almost completely focused on gambling. They are accepted by countless casinos and they can be used when you are on GamStop and when you are not under self-exclusion. A nice thing here is the fact that deposits and withdrawals are fast. You can get winnings to your e-wallet account within hours or even minutes. There are a lot more options and you can use them for all sorts of applications. Yes, PayPal is an e-wallet.


Cryptocurrencies have been one of the most popular methods of online gambling. They are extremely fast. You can deposit funds instantly and there won’t be any records of you doing that. Withdrawals are fast as well. A transaction can be approved within 10 minutes. This method has been extremely secure and even stealthy. You can use these for all purposes you like and you can even trade cryptocurrencies which will help you make even more money. There are all kinds of possibilities there. You need a specialised e-wallet for that and you are good to go. Of course, you may need to purchase cryptocurrency before you deposit it for some casinos. 

The final word 

As you can see, Boku and PayPal are not available when you are on GamStop. There are two extremely popular fintech companies that are sadly unavailable so far. On the other hand, we can also see that many other payment methods are available and you can use those for most casinos on the web. All the payment methods here are just a small slice of many and in reality, you have dozens of options to use.