Wealth Wizards has  joined The Fintech Pledge 2025 as part of a commitment to improving the financial wellbeing of the UK.

The Fintech Pledge 2025 is a campaign that unites the UK fintech industry and strategic partners. Its primary objective is to drive 10 million consumer ‘actions’ by 2025 to improve consumers’ financial resilience.

Led by Zopa, ClearScore and The Money Charity, the campaign’s membership is at 37 and growing. As of July 31st, 2023, these members have collectively achieved over 6.61m positive actions.

Wealth Wizards – Financial Wellbeing for Everyone

The founding mission of Wealth Wizards, which featured on our FinTech 50 ranking, is to improve financial wellbeing by making guidance and advice more affordable and accessible. Its financial wellbeing software MyEva is deployed into institutions and to employees directly.

Wealth Wizards recently added a state benefits calculator within MyEva as part of its commitment to financial wellbeing. This experience checks eligibility for 32 UK state benefits, and 52% of users have found themselves eligible for at least one benefit. The average entitlement amounts to over £3,000 a year, per person.

By comprehensively gauging an individual’s financial circumstances and confidence regarding money, MyEva not only aids in financial management but also boosts their overall empowerment and wellbeing. Through the innovative money confidence assessment, MyEva further enhances employees’ understanding of their attitudes towards money and the driving forces behind their financial decisions. This understanding enables MyEva to tailor experiences effectively and guide employees towards improved outcomes.

Developed by financial experts and based on actual experience of advising clients with their money, MyEva is taking expert help and support and making it accessible to everyone, no matter their age or stage of life.  MyEva can help them start where they are.

FinTech 50 – UK’s most innovative financial technology creators for 2022

“The Fintech Pledge 2025 aligns perfectly with Wealth Wizards’ mission to enhance financial wellbeing in the UK,” said Ben Hampton, CEO. “The ongoing cost-of-living crisis has highlighted the importance of this Pledge for households and individuals nationwide.

“Our solutions aim to help everyday people across the UK. We partner with financial advice firms, banks, pension providers and employers to improve the UK’s relationship with money. Although the Fintech Pledge 2025 members have made significant progress towards the target of 10 million actions, there is still much to be done.

“This campaign can potentially bring positive, impactful societal change at a time when the Regulator is looking to increase access to help through the advice guidance boundary review.”

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