A company that uses virtual reality to tackle a range of issues affecting families is pioneering a new tool that lets perpetrators see the world from the perspective of children and young people living with domestic abuse.

Using immersive VR films and headsets, Antser is aiming to disrupt perpetrators’ behaviour and encourage survivors to remove themselves from abusive situations.

Antser has registered with Konfer – a digital match-making platform for collaboration – to team up with university academics who will help it evaluate and improve the VR tech.

Konfer, an online tool created by the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) in partnership with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), connects innovators with development partnership and funding opportunities, using its ‘smart-matching’ technology.

Konfer analyses business activity, research projects and academic publications using advanced machine-learning technology, to intelligently broker connections and help drive collaborative innovation.


Through Konfer, Antser has connected with a team of VR specialists from a leading UK university. The company is also using the platform to find research partnerships in Canada, Australia and Finland.  

Serena Hadi, head of service at Antser, said: “We’re firm believers in collaboration as a way to help us grow and develop as a business. 

“We believe our VR is a powerful tool and has produced impressive results in the pilots we’ve run.

“Prior to finding the Konfer platform, it had been time consuming and frustrating to find a way to connect with researchers.

“Posting on the platform has enabled us to very quickly start productive conversations with several universities.

“We’re now working with some truly innovative academics and we’re really excited about the project.”

Dr Joe Marshall, chief executive at NCUB, added: “Right now there are businesses in the UK and across the world, like Antser, that are developing game-changing solutions.

“The work they’re doing in VR has the potential to change people’s lives for the better. It’s vital that these businesses get the help they need to bring their ideas to market at speed.

“Facilitating collaboration is what NCUB is about, so it’s pleasing to see many businesses recognising the enormous talent pool available within the UK’s research community.”