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Casinos these days accept a wide range of payment methods. They span from bank transfers and debit cards to credit cards and e-wallets.

Credit cards are not accepted everywhere: for example, in an effort to curb gambling addiction, the UK has banned the use of credit cards in online casinos. However players can still use them on casinos not on Gamstop.

The Benefits of Credit Cards for Online Purchases

You can use your credit cards for all kinds of online purchases, not just non-Gamstop casinos. For casino players, they give the security of bank transfers with much faster transaction times and no fees. The global acceptance of credit cards makes it easy to use them anytime and anywhere, and that includes casinos not on Gamstop.

Unlike their UKGC counterparts, non-Gamstop casinos don’t limit you in terms of credit cards payments. Both Visa and Mastercard are pretty popular in the UK, and you can use them freely at sites where they accepted.

Unbeatable Security

Credit cards are always connected to bank accounts. Banks are notorious for security measures for protecting the funds of customers, and that kind of security can be expected when you use credit cards in casinos not on Gamstop.

And that’s no extra feature – it’s a given. All credit card transactions are easily and quickly processed with no fees, unless the casino charges them.

Wide Availability

Visa and Mastercard, the two biggest credit card providers, are available anywhere in the world. They are widely accepted by the biggest casinos and online merchants. It’s strange to see any online business not accepting both – that might be a red flag for a scam.

If you don’t want to use a fancy e-wallet or another option to fund your account, credit cards will do just fine.

Reward Programs

Many banks offer reward programs to encourage you to use your credit card often. For example, you get a flat rate that pays the same amount on any purchase, or cashback up to 2% for every dollar you spend. Some will give you special comp points or miles you can redeem for travelling around the world. 

Help Track Expenditure

When playing casino games online, keeping track of your budget and expenditure is key. It’s very important to bet and play responsibly: it’s easy to track the payments with a credit card which shows up on your daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

Furthermore, you can link your credit card to budgeting apps and import data.

Proper Use Can Improve Your Credit Score

Improper use of a credit card for online purchases can be a problem for your credit card. On the contrary, using it properly and not overspending or skipping payments can improve your credit score. Good credit goes a long way in improving credit scores, and with it comes great potential for getting a house or a bank loan. Landlords, banks and many companies use your credit scores to determine your eligibility for their services.


You can use your credit card to play your favourite games on non-Gamstop casinos. Unlike UKGC casinos, these allow you to use a credit card, but you should do it smartly. By keeping an eye on your bets and expenditure, you will keep your credit score intact and enjoy the best possible online gambling experience.