Boston-based security software-as-a-service company Cygilant has announced 65 new jobs as it opens its first European security operations centre in Belfast.

Founded in 2001, the company has already recruited 25 staff in the new Centrepoint building, all of whom are now working remotely.

The firm said it will fill the remaining 40 positions in the coming years, calling the area’s talent “consistently replenished with graduates from the city’s top universities”.

The firm’s clients are mid-sized organisations, and its new location will serve businesses in the finance, education, healthcare and retail industries.

The Belfast team monitors customer networks for potential breaches and threats, and then works with each internal IT team to repair any issues.

The new global security operation centre in Belfast will provide security monitoring services to around 200 customers.

CEO Rob Scott said: “When we decided to expand into the European market, we quickly realised there was no better place than Belfast.

“The city is full of great people who have an unbelievable work ethic – truly matching and embodying the customer service-first culture we have here at Cygilant.

“Belfast is also the sister city to Boston and is easily accessible within EMEA and from our home in Boston, so all the pieces just fit nicely together.”

Cygilant recently announced a partnership with London’s Barac, which provides the leading platform for protecting organisations against malware hidden in encrypted traffic through AI metadata analysis.

To assist with the expansion locally, Cygilant partnered with Invest Northern Ireland (Invest NI), the regional business development agency that helps grow the local Belfast economy by helping companies secure office space, foster local partnerships, and increase local hiring efforts.

Peta Conn, Executive Vice President of the Americas at Invest Northern Ireland, said: “We are delighted to welcome Cygilant into Belfast’s thriving cybersecurity community.

“Northern Ireland is the number one international investment location for U.S. cybersecurity firms because we understand the unique, rapidly evolving skillsets required by American companies in this critical sector.

“We actively partner with investors and universities to ensure our talent pool is prepared to hit the ground running. We look forward to helping Cygilant thrive and grow in Northern Ireland.”