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Footwear enthusiasts and diehard sports fans are among the top collectors of sneakers. Many look for limited-edition sneakers, which legendary athletes often advertise. Sneaker resellers have turned this side hustle into a lucrative business by using tech skills and their passion for sneakers to cop these limited-edition wares.

Unlike traditional sneaker reselling, the modern sneakerheads venture is tough and competitive. If you want to be successful, you need to use impressive tech and skills to beat out the competition. The skills include using an automated sneaker bot along with good residential sneaker proxies with access to a large pool of IP addresses. You need to have the best automation software to enable a speedy sneaker copping process.

How do modern sneaker resellers use automated bots?

When limited edition sneakers are released, they run out of stock in seconds. With so many potential buyers online, it’s challenging to control the sales of the product. Not only are you competing with buyers on a global scale, but there are also purchase limits to consider. Most limited-edition releases are limited to one pair per person or IP address.  Your chances of getting the recently launched limited-edition sneakers are very slim. Tech guru sneaker enthusiasts use specialized software to increase their chances of getting the sneakers.

Specialized software includes bots, alongside residential sneaker proxies. Good sneaker bots can even complete an automated checkout when shopping online. Making the process faster and more efficient, compared to the ordinary online purchasing process. You have a higher chance of getting the pair of sneakers you want. You might also buy more than one pair from many vendors without getting a buy limit as you can set your bots to use different IP addresses from the pool with your proxy.

The sneaker reselling industry is growing; with the correct pair of sneakers, you can make a lot of money. Successful sneaker copping is much more than buying and reselling random sneakers; sneakers are costly, but the most profitable sneakers are the limited-edition ones. That’s why using sneaker bots come in as top tricks in the modern sneaker reselling world.

Every sneaker reseller uses automated bots to increase their chances, and even when using these tools there’s no guarantee of success. So you need to scale up your sneaker copping skills and stay on top of the market. 

At the end of the day, it’s a game of the wits. Having extensive technical knowledge can come in very handy. Online stores are also busy fighting sneaker bots to keep the marketplace fair. They also track multiple purchase requests made from one IP address. Online retail stores will ban IP addresses making multiple buyer requests as these can slow down their website.

You can still use residential sneaker proxies to get command over the sneaker bot army. Most residential proxies have a pool of real IP addresses that you can tap into with your bot, thus giving each bot its own unique IP address. This will then appear to the online store as different purchases. 

Improving your sneaker proxy servers

Like any other business, you constantly need to improve and update your skills and knowledge. Failure to do this will affect your modern sneaker reselling business negatively. Even online sneaker stores are continually updating and improving their security to block automated sneaker bots. 

Virtual private servers (VPS) can help you attain a higher number of copped footwear. You can also use it to target the limited-edition sneakers. The best VPS can crank your efficiency. But not every proxy server provider will give you a VPS with such capability. To gain the most out of the VPS, you need to get the best deals from the proxy server provider and scout their locations.

The best VPS locations are the servers closest to your preferred sneaker websites. With the best sneaker VPS, you’ll get the super speed you need in sneaker copping. Even if you manage to send many server requests, other sneaker resellers close to the sneaker websites will have higher chances. After finding the VPS closest to your preferred sneaker website, pick the best plan for your needs.


Your sneaker reselling venture will succeed when you are equipped with suitable hardware and a speedy internet connection. With an excellent virtual private server, you can make multiple purchases with top speed and precision. Your complete package needs to have residential sneaker proxies, sneaker bots, and a VPS.

One fact is clear, modern sneaker resellers need to have extensive tech knowledge. Their work includes setting up servers and bots, getting proxies, and managing software. They combine technical expertise and love for sneakers to develop the best skills and excel in this lucrative industry proving that it pays to be a geek.