Posted on June 9, 2017 by staff

UK’s top tech start-ups celebrate #BCloud101 list event


The UK’s most exciting start-up tech firms descended upon UKFast’s offices on Wednesday, to celebrate BusinessCloud’s inaugural 101 Tech Disrupters and 101 Rising Stars lists.

A handful of the companies named on our list took part in a special roundtable discussion, before attending the StartUp101 event in the Manchester-based hosting firm’s auditorium.

The crowd heard from UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones MBE, who told how he grew a bedroom start-up with just two employees into an international firm with a turnover of more than £40m.


BusinessCloud’s lists recognised companies the length and breadth of the UK which are using tech to disrupt traditional industries and have the ability to scale quickly.

During the packed event, many firms named among the 101s revealed their delight to be part of the event – and recognised for the disruptive influence they are having on the tech sector.

Sébastien Vanderlinden, business development manager for Dreamr said: “As an employee of Dreamr we are incredibly honoured to be named one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies. It proves the value of the work we do and what we’re doing for customers.

“At the end of the day what we’re all working for is to be able to provide value to businesses out there.”

Jordan Appleson, chief  executive officer at Hark, added: “It was a bit of an honour and a surprise as well. For us, we’re a start-up and have been going a year. To gain this kind of recognition is very humbling.

“But also, for us, it emphasises that we’re on the right path as a business, we’re knocking on the right doors, but we’re also being noticed by independent parties as well.

“We’re on a list with some very, very cool companies and to be included among them is great – especially considering we’re all tech nerds.”

BizzleIt was named on the101 Rising Stars list for its work merging the gap between the online and offline retail sector.

Co-founder and director Michael Lawes said: “Absolutely it is an honour. We are seeing a lot of rising stars in Manchester and a lot of tech start-ups. To be included in a list like this is a privilege.”

Hoowla CEO Adam Curtis said: “Over the past few years, me and the team have worked really hard, come up against a lot of challenges, and to be added to lists like this really keeps the motivation going – it puts the energy back in the tank.”

David Shepherdson is part of Kaini Industries, with is behind Hullcoin, which he described as a “Bitcoin for good guys”.

For him, the nomination was ‘fantastic, yet unexpected’.

“We’ve only been going for two years,” he said. “You don’t usually get this sort of recognition. So we were pleasantly surprised to be on the list”.

Edward Green, director of Miranex, added: “It was a real privilege to be honest. It gives us a good platform to grow from. It gives us exposure, some media coverage, and really helps with SEO and building on our current platform for growth.”

Opun founder john Cushing said: “It’s fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. Not just because it’s recognition for what the business is trying to do, but for everyone who works so tirelessly back at base. We are delighted.”

Richard Torpey, director of Yellow Label, said: “I was personally very excited to be invited, and to be on the list is a great accolade. Hopefully it can be a platform for moving forward.”