Posted on July 17, 2018 by staff

UKFast launches new public cloud business


British hosting firm UKFast has announced the launch of a new public cloud business based at FastForward, Tech Manchester’s accelerator space at UKFast Campus.

ClearCloud specialises in supporting public cloud offerings from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, along with UKFast’s own dedicated eCloud Hybrid and eCloud Private solutions.

The start-up has launched as a subsidiary of UKFast with the purpose of broadening the company’s multicloud offering to its 5,000 clients, alongside winning new AWS and Azure customers.

Matt Bibby, a former AWS global architect, has joined as managing director bringing significant experience of public cloud in large-scale, complex sectors and enterprise digital transformation.

UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones said: “Last year we grew at 18 per cent organically and our eCloud revenue has grown to 43 per cent of our overall turnover. By widening our offering to organisations needing multicloud solutions we are able to attract even more businesses to UKFast.

“When we hear clients offering their AWS and Azure workloads for us to manage, it’s hard to ignore, especially when they’re struggling. Our NPS score, which measures customer service, is at 79.20. That’s higher than any of our rivals that I’m aware of, and whilst AWS and Azure’s tech is equal to all suppliers what sets us apart is world-class support.”

With 19 years’ experience delivering hosting solutions to businesses, UKFast specialises in hybrid and private cloud solutions, dedicated servers and colocation. The firm fully owns and operates five data centres in Manchester.

Bibby added: “The hyperscale cloud providers depend heavily on technology partners to support the end customer.

“During my time at AWS I learned how some technology partners are doing things right, but also how many get it terribly wrong and lack the experience necessary to manage complex environments. This is where ClearCloud comes in and where the fit with UKFast makes perfect sense.

The time I spent inside AWS was invaluable and taught me always to search for the next opportunity. The offer of working with Lawrence to grow a business under the UKFast umbrella is too big an opportunity for me to pass up.

“I’ve managed workloads on AWS for some of the world’s largest brands. This, coupled with Lawrence’s obsession for excellence and his passion for helping clients grow, is already proving a great success and we’re off to a flying start.”