Posted on July 9, 2018 by staff

UK flooring retailer gets competitive edge with AI


A national flooring retailer has adopted AI technology to help improve sales by learning from its customers.

UK Flooring Direct will enlist the help of machine-learning business Programmai to incorporate the new technology.

Founded by Dean Murr, who previously founded the programmatic team at fashion giant, the company will enable UK Flooring Direct to utilise deep learning to find its strongest leads.

Based on past customer behaviours, events and outcomes, the AI technology will securely predict which potential customers are most likely to make a purchase by comparing them to similar customers who have had successful experiences.

“UK Flooring Direct is one of the first companies to adopt this level of sophisticated deep learning technology, showing they’re a forward-thinking business that understands how to disrupt for the good of the business and its customers,” said Murr.

“Our technology works with the historic data they have in a secure way and does not utilise any sensitive information about individuals when discovering unique aggregate patterns and behaviours that pertain to positive outcomes, making the whole process safe and efficient for the company and its customers.”

The technology will recalculate its predictions on a daily basis in order to give the flooring business, which was founded in 2005, the most up-to-date, accurate and forward-looking data to use in their marketing and communications efforts.

Josh Ashby, chief marketing officer at UK Flooring Direct, added: “We are investing heavily in all areas of the business – and technology is vital for a retailers like ourselves in ensuring we are working as efficiently as possible.

“We were impressed by the proposition from Programmai and we believe it will give our sales force more intelligent information to work with to drive more sales and revenue – and will help to keep costs down for our customers.

“Our ethos is to be at the forefront of all forms of technology – including AI – because it helps us stay ahead of the competition and also makes us more relevant to our customers.”