Posted on July 15, 2019 by staff

UK challenger bank Tandem named best credit card provider


UK challenger bank Tandem has picked up ‘Best Credit Card Provider’ and ‘Best Innovation’ at last week’s Consumer Credit Awards.

The firm’s ‘Autosavings’ feature, launched in September 2018 was awarded ‘Best Innovation’.

The savings feature rounds up purchases and uses AI to determine when a user has enough cash to make it ‘safe to save’.

On average, users are already setting aside £65 per month with the feature, one of six new products launched in 2018.

“We measure every decision against ‘Customer Lifetime Benefit’ at Tandem,” said Tandem co-founder and CEO Ricky Knox said.

“We’re developing our ideas based on an understanding of real customers’ needs and we ensure every product and service we build helps to make money management easier for them.

“To be recognised for our innovation speaks strongly to how important this is as we continue to develop new solutions for our customers.”

The Consumer Credit Awards are run by Smart Money People, the UK’s leading independent review platform for financial services. The organisation finds the best providers who deliver market-leading customer products.